Ok, so here goes. I’ll keep it shortish.

Why Rob of the Green? 

My name is Rob. I’m originally from a town called Longford in Ireland (that’s the Green part). The pun on ‘rub of the green’, creatively coined by my good friend Cormac Breslin (cheers Cormac), really was just put in there to make it easy to remember! It works, right? I’m sticking with it anyway. Over the last 20 years (god – 20 years!!), I’ve lived in many parts of this great country and found my home in Cork in 2008. 

The Learning Journey

Since I was a young lad (I can trace it back to the age of 12ish, when I recall not being such a straight ‘A’ student and realising I needed to get it together), I developed a strong interest (maybe passion is a better word) for learning. Not sure why exactly, but it has always been a very specific focus on personal development and understanding more about human psychology. As one of the guest I interviewed for the show puts it, I’ve had an interest in ‘human potential’. 

Despite not studying psychology in Uni (missed it by a few points), the interest never really went away. I studied (using that word loosely) IT in NUI, Galway and worked in technical roles for a number of years after that. All the while, continuing to study other interests and annually taking exams, which I’ve always oddly liked doing (apart from my driving test..eek).

Over the last number of years in my professional career, I’ve gradually moved towards more people management and talent development. While I still juggle many chainsaws on a daily basis in lots of areas in my work, I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with, manage, mentor and coach some great people over the last few years. This has allowed me to develop my passion for self-development and development of others further. I’m now nearing the end of a diploma in Executive Coaching and this has been an enlightening experience and has given me the self-confidence to walk down the path of podcasting.

Learning new stuff was never just related to my professional development. I’m always looking to learn new ways to unwind, to relax and to grow personally. So the themes hit on in the podcasts will cover meditation, mindfulness, exercise, running, adventure and endurance sports, fitness, nutrition, TV, Movies, and other non-work stuff. So keep reading!

Life Long learning piece covered. 

Now for the Podcasts!

I have been aware of these things called podcasts for a few years but never really understood the concept. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I mean and may have been that solider yourself. Until, one day, you got hooked too.

I’d say over four years ago, I stumbled across a podcast called ‘stuff you should know’. It had me at hello, instantly. It opened up the possibility of learning on the go. No longer did I dread the three hour drive from Cork to Longford. They became a journey of learning. Over the following months and years, I started to listen to a broad range of amazing podcasts including WFT with Marc Marron, the Joe Rogan experience, the Tim Ferriss show, the ArseCast podcast (it’s about Arsenal and host by Andrew Mangan – a guest of the 1% better podcast) and Sam Harris ‘Waking up’ to name just a very select few. All provide me with little bits of information that I consume and try to use to improve myself. So that’s the podcast part covered. 

Bringing it all together! 

Having taken onboard so much in the last few years (and all free of course as most Podcasts aren’t behind a pay wall!), I decided that I’d love to become a producer rather than just a consumer of all these learnings and information.  My own negative self-talk has held me back for a while telling me I had no right to do this but over the last few months, I’ve started to win the battle.

So, I’ve decided to create my own podcast, put it out there and see what world, or at the very least a few friends that listen to podcasts, think of it.  The best piece of advice I took about this experiment or journey is that I need to do it for myself first and foremost. The fun I’ve had making the first set of episodes has been amazing. I’ve learned so much just putting the whole thing together and that’s been great. I’ve had a front row seat with all the guests I’ve interviewed and learned a lot from each one. It’s true that I’m selfishly exploring my hobby and sharing with others. At least, this way, if it’s just me that gains the 1%, I’m good with it. If anyone else takes something from it, then it’s a win-win. 

So, I’m launching the podcast series in early 2017. Expect to hear conversations with a broad range of characters from different fields that include Entrepreneurial world, IT, Business, Sport, Media, Coaching, Spirituality, Meditation, Academia and lots more as the weeks pass by and the guest keep coming forward (hopefully)!

As you might be able to tell, I’m so looking forward to getting it started.

Thanks for reading & hopefully listening to the show! 


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