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The 864 | Bibi Baskin – Change is Good | EP003

July 02, 2018

Welcome to the 864 Podcast.

This episode is with Bibi Baskin. Bibi is a Motivational speaker, Wellness enthusiast, teacher of Public Speaking, curator of Twitter accounts and a very well know Irish TV presenter and hotelier (India).

In this 15 minute conversation, we touch on many topics. Here is a summary:

•Growing up in Donegal and ambitions when growing up (or not having them)
•Never having a plan – no idea what to do!!
•Became a teacher & then an editor
•Writing a letter to RTE looking for a “small job” in broadcasting
•‘I wonder would you have a small job for a female voice’ – what it says in the papers!
•Plans to do small meditative tips in the future
•Life being very frenetic and working too hard!
•Getting bored with repetition
•Wanting something different and wanted change!
•Moving to the UK but doing the same work – realizing this wasn’t the right move
•Moving to India and learning Ayurveda for 3 weeks and staying for 15 years
•Becoming a hotelier and renovating and refurbishing the hotel
•Meditation Seeping over time
•Noticing the pace of feet of Indian and European people
•Getting up early and meditating – morning meditation
•How to get back into the Moment and be Present!
•Overcoming Insomnia
•Listening to the breath!

Key Tips:
•Figure out what you’re particularity good at!
•How important it is to do nothing to still the mind!
•Importance to practice and following your breath!
•A quote to live by “Change Knelt beside me

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  1. Rob, great podcast with Bibi Baskin. Very informative, practical and interesting. I particularly liked her quote from the poem on change at the end. Did she tell you what poem it is from?

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. rob.odonohue says:

      Hey Alex,

      Great to hear from you and that you enjoyed this one. The 864 is up and running.

      I’ve just put the question out to Bibi now on twitter and will let you know once I hear the name of the poem.

      Thanks again,

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