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Adrien Schmidt & Marios Anapliotis – AI, Decision Making, & Removing Bias | #016

December 18, 2018

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So this one is a little different….it’s with two guests…

Adrien Schmidt & Marios Anapliotis are Co-founders of

You can watch the full interview by clicking the image below.


 is the creator of Aristotle, your personal AI analyst available 24/7/365 to provide meaningful answers to your data questions. Getting answers at work made as easy as chatting with a friend. Aristotle is available today via Facebook Messenger, Slack and Alexa.

Marios has a very strong technical background, working with Nokia and then moved to California. That’s where he met Adrien and decided to go out on his own.

Adrien Schmidt is originally from France but moved to the US and has been working in the technology and start-up space from a very early age. Working as a product manager. He’s been working on data and early days of big data.

If you have an interest in the world of AI, Natural Language, Decision Making and how all of these work together to get better results for Business, you’ll enjoy this one.

Summary of the topics covered below with a link the website if you’d like to know more.

We discuss topics that cover:

  • Decision Making
  • The risk of moving into the start-up mode
  • The Project with BouquetAI and now Aristotle
  • The great mix of Corporate and Start-up Experience
  • What is unique about Aristotle?
    • Making all the old technology disappear
    • A new experience to get access to data – via a conversation
  • Conversational Interfaces in Natural Language in Business Intelligence
  • Data & Users
  • Getting a Question from a User and Give an Answer, not a Report!
  • Moving from just a report to an Answer!
  • Bringing a Consumer Experience to the Business Problem – This is where Aristotle came.
  • How Aristotle answers questions? It’s not a BI tool!
  • Aristotle is trying to imitate a human analysist
  • Keeping in Context of an Analyst
  • Lack of Bias from Aristotle
  • Removing feeling and emotion from the exchange with Aristotle
  • You can still ask the stupid questions with Aristotle
  • Trust & Algorithmic Bias – Being Objectives
  • Designed to Learn, get better and more precise
  • Can I trust the Chart 20 years ago? Not it’s common practices?
  • Interest from Fortune 100 companies right from the outset from the US!

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I hope you enjoyed the show!




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