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The 864 | John Lee Dumas on Values, Empathy & Success | EP004

July 04, 2018

Welcome to the 864.

This episode is with one of the most successful and well-known podcasters on the planet in John Lee Dumas.

John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, a top-ranked, daily podcast featuring interviews with today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. John & EOFire have been featured in Forbes, TIME and Inc. Magazine.

Do check out the last 60 seconds after the chat for more info that might be of interest! Enjoy!!

During the show, we touch on:

  • Why I didn’t name the podcast 2% Better!
  • Releasing Shows 7 Days a Week
  • Common Traits for Entrepreneurs – Focus!!
  • Follow one course until they get the success – Cut out all the fat!
  • Dealing with Negative Feedback with Empathy
  • Publishing monthly earnings from his business
  • Sharing mistakes and successes from the financial reports
  • Knowing when to shut down initiatives and have the courage to do it!
  • Stand out guests that John’s learned from!
  • Damian John – The power of broke – how to learn hustling
  • Complacency – how to deal with that

Key Tips:

  1. Be a person of Value, not as someone chasing success
  2. If you want to Be, Do!
  3. Do things that don’t scale – have 1-1 conversations to understand how they found you!

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  1. Rockin show Rob! Loved being a guest, thanks for the great opportunity!

    1. rob.odonohue says:

      Absolute pleasure my man! Thank you, Sir.

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