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The 864 | Joseph Dalton | 3 Pillars of Business Success | EP006

July 11, 2018

Welcome to the 864 Podcast. This episode is with Joseph Dalton. Joseph has had an expansive career in Sales, Marketing, B2B and B2C across many industries. He’s also the host of a podcast called Breakthrough Branks on Dublin South FM, 93.9 FM – released weekly on a Tuesday at 3pm. This is a chat focused in on Joe’s approach to sales and marketing.

I hope you enjoy the chat. Please do hang on for the 60 seconds after the chat for a few updates.

We discuss Joe’s career:

  • Learning & Earning in his 20’s as a standout part of his career
  • The Billionaires Boys club working in Sales
  • Always having a passion for selling and interacting with people
  • Using his ability to get along with People as a key asset
  • The psychology of selling hasn’t changed for thousands of years
  • The platforms how we sell have changed
  • Passion for Sales and Marketing and Mindset
  • Developing Keynotes speeches
  • 25% of people will love you & 75% will not – but don’t let that stop you!
  • Learning from Breakthrough Brands Podcast Guests weekly

1% Better Tips:

  • Find your own Passion
  • Play to your core strengths
  • Be nice and genuine
  • People buy from people they like
  • Don’t over talk to people – or you’ll talk the sale back!
  • Gather Fact Finding Questions
  • Figuring out the 3 Pillars of business success
    • Mindset
    • Marketing
    • Sales – 5 Steps – C’s
  1. Contacting – Rapport
  2. Categorizing – Fact finding questions
  3. Convincing – Get to turn their wants to needs?
  4. Closing – Fact finding again
  5. Completing – Keeping in touch with relative information
  6. Advice from Guests – we’re all just normal human beings
  • Luck – No
  • Hard work – Yes
  • For the first 2/3 years, it’s very hard in business – be prepared for it!!
  • Make a Decision – Even if it’s wrong, you’ll learn from it

Connect with Joe:

On Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter – Joseph Dalton



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