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The 864 | Ruth Scott – Alchemy, Opportunism, & Hustle | EP007

July 18, 2018

Welcome to the 864 Podcast.

This one is with Ruth Scott. If you’re an Irish listener, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard Ruth on the airwaves. If not, you should check her new show out on Radio Nova. She was just a fun guest to have on and she’s shared some learnings from her career so far!

We cover a lot in the short timeframe and I definitely learned a lot about Ruth. Here’s a summary:

  • Growing up in Elphin in Roscommon & then moving to Roscommon Town
  • Missing out on Communications in DCU but this working out for the best
  • Being the youngest of 8 children, so not having to stay too much growing up!
  • Moving to UL to do European Studies as her second choice
  • Falling in with a great group in University
  • Once she found a Microphone and having the space to talk, it fell into the place
  • Entering and winning DJ for a Day and getting a boost of confidence and realizing this was something she was good at! Winning it a few years later!
  • Leading to AA Roadwatch, then RTE and it took from there!
  • Working in RTE and dealing with the attention
  • The benefits and opportunities
  • While at RTE, never saying no, taking the opportunities
  • Learning to be sensitive and to hustle
  • Every day learning new things in the fast pace of change at Radio
  • How editing, social media and everything changed on the job!
  • Is it easier now in work?
  • Has the magic been taken out of the work?
  • The difference between live radio and pre-recorded work
  • What excites Ruth the most!
  • How she has developed to hustle and selling her skills!
  • How Ruth pushes herself and set goals!

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