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The 864 | Susie Horgan – Better Marketing & PR | EP005

July 05, 2018

Welcome to the 864 Podcast.

This episode is with Susie Horgan, Managing Director of Springboard PR & Marketing.  Creating Bespoke Comms Strategies. Across all sectors & industries. Cork Network Business Woman of the year in 2017.

During this conversation, Susie shares some do’s & don’t on personal and business marketing and PR.

Do check out the last 60 seconds after the chat with Susie for more info that might be of interest! Enjoy!!

In the 15 minute chat, we touch on:

  • Success & Winning Awards in the Business
  • The Changing world of PR & Marketing since setting up the Business
  • Strong Engagement with Content
  • Sociology & Psychology and how these link to Susie’s role today
  • Sociology and Critical Thinking
  • Psychology giving insights into how people think
  • Being in the moment
  • Building Business Strategies
  • Developing Agility over the years
  • Big lesson learned over the years – mainly in finance
  • Irish Businesses need better marketing strategies
  • Training Start-ups
  • SpringCubed – A new service that SpringboardPR are offering

1% Better Tips on Business, PR

  • Remind yourself to be brave
  • Surround yourself with supportive peers
  • Networking
  • Know your audience & chose your platform (or two) and focus on this!
  • Get clear on your messaging – What are you key messages translating everywhere!

Random Questions:

  • Management Style!
  • Unread Email & Inbox!
  • A Typical Day in the world of PR

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