March Madness & Podcast Launch

God, it’s March already. The first two months of this year have literally been a blur. Well not literally but it’s been hectic. But it has all been worth it. As I type this, I have 11 shows recorded and am days away from releasing the first few shows to the world!! It’s been such a great learning experience. Not only learning from each guest but the amount of stuff I’ve had to learn to produce a podcast to a half decent standard has been an eye opener. But 100% worth it.

Just an update on my 12 months, 12 challenges. After scoring a 10/10 for January with booze resistance, I have to report not reading email till 10am each day proved harder. Even writing that makes me feel ridiculous. But it’s true and a sign of the times I guess. I would give myself a solid 7/10 for the month. Started off really well but slipped into the habit a little bit towards the end of the month. I made excuses up for myself to make it seem better and more acceptable….to myself. How fucking stupid is that. Anyway, not to allow the negative talk win out, I’m relatively happy with a 7/10. Proved that I can do it and as i type this note, on a Friday morning in March, I have yet to look at email and it’s 9:34am. That said, I am on a half day from work so shouldn’t really be patting myself on the back!

Anyway, on to month three. What I had hoped for was to run 5km every day this month (at least) but with back spur issues currently making walking a victory, I’ve had to rethink things. Right now, I’ve started the month with 5 pull-ups on the pull-up bar on day one, increasing by 5 every day. So, today, it being the 3rd of March, I’m due to do 15. As of now, I’m still in my PJs but it will happen! We’re also currently in ‘lent’ so trying to give us stuff too. But not sure…I’ll stick to the pullies and see if I can achieve that one.

Last note – First shows will be launched in the next few days. Can’t wait to do this. I’ll blog later in the month about podcasts in General as I feel it’s still such a vague media form for so many so want to explore that a little bit more!

Have a great day.


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