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Why Rob of the Green?

1% Better & the 864? 

My name is Rob. I’m originally from a town called Longford in Ireland (that’s the Green part). The pun on ‘rub of the green’ really was just put in there to make it easy to remember! It works, right? I’m sticking with it anyway. I’m based in Cork, Ireland for the last 10 years. It’s a wonderful place to be.

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with what makes us think, act, and behave the way we do. I can’t fully understand where it’s come from. Maybe through life’s challenges and figuring out how to bounce back. It’s always been there and has meant I’ve always been curious about human potential and how we can improve. That curiosity coupled that with a massive lifelong interest in learning and personal development has helped me figure my own stuff out and help others understand their own why in some ways. Check out the blog page for more in-depth explanations on a lot of this!

Over the last number of years in my professional career, I’ve gradually moved towards more people management and talent development. While I still juggle many chainsaws on a daily basis in lots of areas in my work, I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with, manage, mentor and coach some great people over the last few years. This has allowed me to grow my passion for self-improvement and serve to help the development of others. More recently, as a fully qualified Executive Coach, I’m getting more and more opportunity to work with people that have challenges and obstacles in their own lives. Using the tools, frameworks and, in many ways, listening closely to their situations, I’m able to help them find solutions. It’s really meaningful and exciting work and feels like what I’m meant to be doing. I know that might sound a bit grandiose. But it’s true.

How Podcasts fit in? 

I had been aware of these things called podcasts for a few years but never really understood the concept. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I mean and may have been that solider yourself. Until, one day, you got hooked too.

It was probably around 2011/2012 when I stumbled across a podcast called ‘stuff you should know’. It had me at hello, instantly. It opened up the possibility of learning on the go. No longer did I dread the three hour drive from Cork to Longford. It became a journey of learning. Over the following months and years, I started to listen to a broad range of amazing podcasts including WFT with Marc Marron, the Joe Rogan experience, the Tim Ferriss show, the ArseCast podcast (it’s about Arsenal and host by Andrew Mangan – a guest of the 1% better podcast) and Sam Harris ‘Waking up’ to name just a very select few. All provide me with little bits of information that I consume and try to use to improve myself.

1% Better Season One launch

Having taken on-board so much in the last few years, I decided that I’d love to become a producer rather than just a consumer.  I kicked off season one of the podcast (at the time I wasn’t sure there would be a season two) back in March 2017.

The idea for the podcast was, and still is, quite simple. I aim to help my audience improve, by 1% or more, by listening to the conversations with the guests (and the odd time by just listening to me on a solo show) and put into practice what they learn from the guests advice, experience, tips, habits, and lessons learned so they can improve in a variety of ways.

2017 was amazing. In Season One, I released 50+ episodes. I interviewed ‘successful’ people from a broad range of fields including Business, Sport, Psychology, Academia, Acting, and many more. I also released a few solo shows where I focused on productivity, goal setting, getting stuff done and mindfulness. Some of the well-known Irish names interviewed include Neven Maguire, Norah Patten, Tweeting Goddess Samantha Kelly, and Denis Collins. I also interviewed a number of Internationally known guests like Bobby Tambling, Colin O’Brady and Jenni Rivett. They all  provided great insight into their own careers, journey and lessons learned.

Season Two – Bigger & Better

Season Two launched on 16th March 2018.  I am also working on a spin-off show for later in the year. Still aligning to the 1% Better theme but the show will be shorter in duration. Just to give you a taste of what’s coming up in the first few shows, I’ve talked with CEOs, a World Champion Athlete, an Ex-Professional Rugby Player, a hugely successful Angel Investor, experienced Life & Business coaches, and many more.

The 864 Podcast! 

Catering for those that like a shorter podcast but still want to get 1% Better – check out the story behind THE 864 Here!

My ask to you!

I’m really excited to release these new interviews out to the world. I hope that you enjoy them. Not only enjoy listening, but enjoy taking up the challenge of making yourself better. Even if it’s just by 1%. To do that, you’ll need to take action. Step outside your comfort-zone. Push yourself a little and try something new. If you do, and you start making progress, then you have the momentum you need to keep going.

I with you the best of luck and hope you spread the word about the show.

All the very Best,

Rob O’Donohue AKA Rob of the Green

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