1% Better S3,

1% Better – Launching Season 3 Intro Show – EP98

March 05, 2019

Welcome to the new season!

New season, new logo, new guests, new, new, new. And lots of the same too.

In this introduction show, I cover a lot of what’s been going on behind the scenes, reflect back on the last 2 years of the podcasting adventure, and outline what is coming soon!

High-level summary that might peak your interest:
* Timeline of events since December 2016
* What I’ve learned
* Living the 1% Better Mindset
* Clips from the first 4 episodes
* The Patreon Set up
* The 1% Better plans for the new season
* Call out for your feedback!
* Other stuff in the works
* More!

I hope this is an interesting look ahead!

As always, if you do nothing else, please do subscribe to the show and help me reach more of likeminded folks.

Thank you!


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