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Aodan Enright – The Importance of Thinking Things Through – EP085

October 25, 2018

Aodan Enright – 1% Better

Welcome to Episode 85 of the 1% Better Podcast.

I’m very much delighted to introduce Aodan Enright as my guest for this episode. Aodan is someone I’ve taken inspiration from, admired and enjoyed getting to know over the last couple of years and was someone I’ve wanted to have on to the show from the very start. Now it’s a reality. We both share a fascination for human performance and this conversation certainly lived up to my hopes and expectations.

Aodan is the Founder of Smarter Egg, where he works to help people: organisations, business owners, self-employed, high-calibre professionals. He’s an Executive Coach and works one-to-one with clients. Aodan also gives talks, plays the role of MC/Interview for events and runs events himself that align to his passion for personal development.

During this interview, we cover a lot of ground and it has lots of useful and practical insights that you can use. So I would recommend getting a pen and paper out and taking notes! Active learning required.

Below is a summary questions and answers as well as timings. Expect to see more and more Aodan out and about more in the coming weeks and month.

My asks to you – enjoy, learn, take action, and share this with others.


0-1min – Intro & How to get to the point in posts/articles

1min – function of growing up and finding your voice

3min – Working with the inner voice – the best approach to fight with it?

4min – Curiosity and deep thinking from the early days

5mins – Thinking about Big Questions as a teenager

6mins – Getting more and more interested in Things!

7mins – The Arsenal Affliction and Good times!

8mins – Learning as a passion but not a big fan of school

10mins – Working in the Engineering Initially and having no plan!

11mins – Conforming in School

13 mins – Not seeing a career path in psychology or development

14 mins – starting to move towards people management and development

16 mins – Getting to know Thyself – Focusing more on why people behave the way they do!

18 mins – Six Sigma & Lean Thinking

19 mins – Pull & Push Factors as a turning point in making to the move to go solo!

21mins – The importance of Thinking Things and Reinventing Himself

23 mins – Returning to the Voice in the Head in the early days!

25 mins – Learning to take value from the network during Executive Coaching Training

28 mins – The Curse of Knowledge with opening up and reflecting!!!!!

29 mins –  Emotional Intelligence and EQ being an underappreciated element of work today

30 mins – Understanding what to focus on next!

32 mins – The Ego of saying Yes and developing the ability to say No!

  • You’re better off going with someone else!

34 mins – Smarter Egg, the beginnings, the concept and how it’s grown.

36 mins – Biggest Successes – Satisfaction from connecting others

39 mins – Lessons learned – Overreaching

41 mins – Feeling & Intuition – Trusting the Gut – Pay attention of what’s screaming to you!

43 mins – All Data should be respected

44 mins – Coaching the Coach – The importance of verbalising everything going on in your head – there is more than one way of thinking/seeing/feeling

46 mins – Knowing when to delegate now – getting better at this! Courage needed here.

47 mins – A role that gives the greatest joy – designing and delivery of the solution.

49 mins – Do the same talk twice and the value of this.

50 mins – Quarterly Off-sites and Approaches taken – following the process

52 mins –  Reduction in the % of people averting their gaze when talking about self-reflection. Meditation and Mindfulness

55mins onwards – 1% Better Tips:

  • Goal Setting – Running Life Through Projects
  • Getting Things Done (GTD) System – David Allen
  • Resilience about the habits we keep – Neil O’Brien
  • Conversations as a key tool to bounce back
  • Meditation – The ability to calmly put things into perspective
  • Anchor Problem – Holding you down!
  • Favourite Saying or Cliché – All models are wrong, some are useful

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