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Bernardo Cubria – Acting, Staying ‘Real’ in Hollywood, and Brutal Honest Feedback! EP092

January 03, 2019

Welcome to 2019. A great way to start is by listening to this episode with Bernardo Cubria. He’s an Actor, Writer, Playwright, Podcast & Lover of Guacamole.

And I caught up with Bernardo a few weeks back. It was a bit of a unique recording as you’ll hear. It could even lead to a whole new podcast series where I interview guests while their driving. Who knows!

Note – we had planned to do this on live video, but the recording wasn’t great due to Bernardo being on the move. We might get together again in the future to do a live stream. It all depends on the demand. Let me know if you’d like to chat with Bernardo!

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Bernardo. The summary of the key points are outlined below:

1:00m – Getting last minute auditions!

2:00m – ‘Give us a call if you hear anything?’

3:00m – Nerves for larger roles v the lottery of small parts

5:00m – Early years & dreams: Soccer & Politics

7:00m – An early interest in Politics

8:00m – Working in Activism & Amnesty International – Where this passion came from?

11:00m – Creativity in Poetry and writing

12:00m – Paralyzed in self-doubt, fear and defeat!

14:00m – Learning to be ok with No, constantly failing!

16:00m – Losing trust in yourself from auditions & not letting the hope get you!

18:00m – Philosophy, History, and Acting Classes in College – Theatre becoming the passion and it feeling like home!

21:00m – The fulfilment of being a Playwright more than anything else!

22:00m – The Process of Playwrighting – Learning by Doing!

23:30m – Using Wine to Access the Pain Places when writing

24:00m – Perfection v Good Enough! – Leaning on what other people think

25:00m – The importance of trustworthy friends that give feedback!

28:00m – New York shows and writing plays in a weekend!

29:00m – Getting Readings & Getting Produced – The Redhead is coming!

31:00m – The world reacting when you’re not caring!

34:00m – The Soul, Morals & Fake Conversations – Putting the morals aside in the Industry – Sensing the pressure to be part of Hollywood and hating it but having to suck it up!

36:00m – Authentic & pretending to be Authentic & Actors/Activist!

39:00m – Understanding the desire of wanting to be part of something!

40:00m – Perusing the feeling of spending time with only people you like!

43:00m – The Giant Void of My Soul!

44:00m – An Idealist and a Dreamer or not?

45:00m – Resilient and What makes Bernardo bounce back!

47:00m – The Enjoyment of Podcasting – Off and On!

Book/Plays/Documentaries Recommendations:

  • Another World – Documentary
  • Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett

You can find more about Bernardo on the links below:


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/pinchecubria/

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