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Bipolar Barbie – Finding the Balance & Building a Life after the War! – EP086

November 09, 2018

The 1% Better Podcast – Bipolar Barbie – Finding the Balance & Building a life after the war – EP86

Bipolar Barbie is a mental health advocate. She tells her story through her writing, art, and rapping, and uses social media as a platform for this. She has built up a very large following on Instagram and recently has started to build up a following on other platforms.

During the interview, Bipolar Barbie talks very openly about this disorder, how it’s had a huge impact on your life, how she’s started to deal with it, and how she’s been able to use social media to inspire others that are suffering with mental health issues.

I was fascinated to learn about the disorder, how to manage it, the triggers and how Barbie used creativity to help deal with the challenges she faces. She didn’t hold back or disappoint. I am sure you’ll leave this episode more than 1% Better informed on this very serious disorder.

Time, Question & topic:

2mins – Who is Bipolar Barbie and Where this idea came from!

4mins – Not knowing who she is going to be from day to day. Similar to a Barbie Doll, she has so many different personalities.

5mins – Understanding Bipolar & How it Type 1 Diabetes could be compared!

8mins – Details of the disorder and the impact it can have on your day to day life

9mins – Impulse Control & How Bipolar blocks this

10mins – Bipolar and Dark Rain clouds

11mins – Bipolar and a faulty brain

12mins – How does one develop Bipolar?

16mins – Managing the condition and How to develop an approach to bring it under control

  • Overnight, it accelerated and gym and running every day became a norm
  • Taking 2 years to get a bipolar diagnosis from that point

20mins – Why it took so long to get a proper diagnosis – on average it can take 10 years to be fully diagnosed

22mins – Swapping and changing meditation to find something that works

24mins – The increased awareness of Bipolar but the disorder being around for decades

27mins – The episodes, frequency and durations

30mins – Maintenance and management of Bipolar – Routine is key!

31mins – Triggers that set off the disorder – Seasonal affected

32mins – The difference between Mental Health & Mental Illness

32mins – Introverts & Extroverts & Bipolar – Finding the Balance

36mins – Creativity as an outlet to keep the balance

39mins – Creating a movement with Social Media

40mins – What is a typical day for Barbie – Life after the war!

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Rapping

42mins – If it doesn’t serve me, it’s gone!

43mins – Practicing Gratitude, Recovery is a Journey and keeping on top of it!

45mins – Being positive and forward looking – Making friends to the Demons

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