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David Hennessey – Resilience, Thomas Edison, and The WONDER Technique – EP082

September 26, 2018

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast episode 82.

My guest today is David Hennessey.

David is a professional speaker and workshop leader on resilience and success in the work place. He developed the W.O.N.D.E.R Technique which is a unique tool box of techniques and tools people can use to improve their lives. David has lived through a lot of difficult times and uses what he teaches. He has travelled to 23 countries and lived in 3 full time. If he is not with family and friends you will find him in the mountains. 

During the conversation, we focus on resilience, personal development, and how to be better. I picked up a few new ideas and approaches from this chat and I’m hopeful you will too.

Below is a breakdown of the session and topics. At the end, there are links to David’s site and a unique offer to listeners of the podcast from David.

If you enjoy some of the ideas David shared, he will send you, at no charge a copy of ‘19 steps to reduce stress and increase your health and happiness’ linkto details.

Just jump over to David’s contact page here and tell David in the subject line you are a listener of Rob’s podcast and you would like the 19 Steps e-book’.

Show Summary:

0-1 Minute – Introduction

1 Min – the real French Kiss

  • Feeling an experience of stress and anxiety after finding the car being damaged
  • Learning habits to deal with stress
  • Managing stress

5 Min – Developing Tools for stress management

  • Dale Carenege book being something standing out at a young age
  • How can complex things be made simpler
  • Social Psychology Examples – putting lights higher up in Cars
  • Spending time with a close friend that had cancer twice gave David the opportunity to develop some practices to deal with difficult situation

9 min – Curiosity

  • Nearly accidently killing himself with a plug socket – being always into ways to make things simpler

10 min – Affirmations – Every Day in Every Way

  • Emile Cuet? – Using Coaching and Affirmations to help people get better
  • He knew there was a time of day that our brains are more receptive to learning
  • Being in the beta phase and alpha phase
  • Jose Silva – bringing your brain down into the Alpha state – bringing your body into that relaxed state

15 min – Anchoring – learning to hook yourself into a sleep state

17 min – Thomas Edison – Sleeping & Solving Problems

  • Using Sleep to tap into the subconscious mind to solve problems

20 min – The story behind the WONDER technique

  • Spending 13 months travelling and hiking
  • This developed a big urge to formulate these ideas
  • Started to organize the information and formalize the information
  • Finding a word to describe it all – Rainbow first emerged
  • WONDER thing became the word

25 min – The Story behind Water

  • At book town in Westminster and the story of Julie and her headaches
  • Drinking water helped solve these issues

27 min – Outside – Why this is so important

  • We’re spending so much less time outside
  • We need to be out in fresh air more!
  • The positive blue light effects that come from being outside
  • The impact of traffic air pollution – especially for runners/joggers
  • Go for a walk the first thing of the day

31 mins – No worries with Thomas Edison

  • Focusing on one solitary thing at a time!
  • When making a decision, SHALT first
    • Sick
    • Hungry
    • Angry
    • Lonely
    • Tired
  • The 4 D’s – helping to make decision
    • Delegate – if it’s not for you, send it to someone else
    • Defer – don’t answer right away
    • Do it
    • Delete it – not for you

37 mins – Managing the state of Mind with 10 things to be grateful for

  • Write down 10 things I’m grateful for every morning
  • You’re programming your day on a positive note
  • Use a pen instead of on digital – it sticks better in our brain

40 mins – Meditation & Techniques

  • Don’t use Meditation apps – train the mind to meditation when you have nothing
  • Finding your internal switch is essential when meditating
  • You can start with the external trigger but you need to move into internal

42 mins – Control over the mind with Visualization

  • Alex Honnold worlds best free climber example
  • Visualising the entire climb before
  • VIA – Visualization, Imagine, Action
  • In your minds, when you want to do something, you need to take a real positive way
  • Complete commitment to you goals with practice!

50 mins – Mental Challenges can be necessary pain & suffering

  • You can’t avoid this transition to get to the next level
  • Training your brain is essential and good for you
  • You create your brain when you learn, and it keeps you fresh

54 mins – Moving toward an AI world

  • Becoming more adaptable, creative and focused
  • Having multiple careers in our lives so need to be able to adjust
  • Apply lots of technique but it comes downs to practice and focus

57 mins – Analogy of an AI Girlfriend

  • How would you feel to her being unplugged by someone else?
  • How do we deal with the ethics?
  • The impact this can have on your emotional state

60 mins– Acryonms are important and help to remember things

Recommended Books:

Ways to get in touch with David:

Via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hennesseydavid/

Via his Website: www.thewondertechnique.com

e-Book Offer: A recent e-book from David how to  develop focus and concentration on their goals and projects more effectively can be found here – https://thewondertechnique.com/how-to-improve-focus-and-concentration-to-achieve-your-goals/


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