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Donna Taggart on Self-Belief, Overcoming Fears & Pre-show Superstitions – EP064

June 07, 2018

Donna Taggart is a Celtic singer and musician. Born in Omagh in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland she first came to prominence in 2011 when her acclaimed debut album Celtic Lady Vol. 1 was picked up by highly respected BBC Radio Ulster presenter Gerry Anderson.

Donna shot to fame in 2016 with over 27 million Facebook views of her video rendition of “Jealous of the Angels” which was written by Jenn Bostic in 2010. Since then, Donna has had over 150millions plays/listens/view across the social platforms and it’s rising day by day!

I was delighted to meet with Donna in person and record this episode of the podcast just before she played in the Ballymaloe Grainstore back in April. We had a fun chat and got a lot into under 30 minutes.

The topics that came up during the conversation include:

  • Last time she played in the Grainstore at 39 weeks pregnant
  • Early Memories – growing up
  • Being reserved and sensitive so didn’t believe singing was her path
  • Becoming a teacher but Life having another plan
  • Developing Self-believe – 90% belief and confidence v 10% talent
  • Donna Husband helping her with confidence and believing in her talent
  • Recording a few songs and putting that out!!
  • Recording the first album in 2011, then 2013, then in 2016 the big breakthrough
  • Dealing with Fear and positives nerves
  • Going viral with 25 Million hits in one weekend
  • The Billboard Charts getting in touch overnight
  • How others are able to relate to it and so many people got in touch
  • Developing a friendship with Jenn Bostic
  • 150million views across social medial platforms!
  • Touring and live performing
  • Moving from interpreter and recorder to now writing her own story!
  • Bringing her own life experiences to her writing
  • Big challenges of the tour – the beast from the east!
  • Plans for the next phase of the tour in the UK
  • Never getting carried away and having no diva requests
  • Advice to herself ten years younger – let go and believe in yourself
  • Influencers along the way! Husband, work, and others – Phil Coulter
  • Preshow superstitions – pray and asking for help! Let it go!
  • Meditation & Calm – destress and not becoming overwhelmed

Learn more about Donna:

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