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Doug Buckingham – Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnosis, & Crystal Bowl Healing – EP094

January 18, 2019

Doug Buckingham – Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnosis, & Crystal Bowl Healing – EP094

Hi all,

Have you ever felt like you’ve been here before? Had other lives? Well, if this is an ear of interest, you will enjoy this episode.

Doug Buckingham is an Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner and Trainer, and currently run courses and workshops in the UK and overseas.   As well as the courses and workshops, he has a private practice in Chalfont St. Giles, and has clients coming mainly from London, and also the Home Counties,  nation-wide and often from overseas.

I’m fascinated by this type of therapy and alternative approaches. I like to keep an open mind and learn more about what works for some people. Doug’s work certainly has a lot of variety and it definitely appears to be working and making many of his clients better. Maybe even more than 1%.

It’s another new topic for the podcast. One I hope you enjoy. Below is a summary of the conversation broken down by minute & topic. Full links to Doug’s site below.

Thanks for reading & enjoy!


7:00m – Helping people get unstuck in their lives working with subconscious patterns

9:00m – Working with Hypnosis, Past Life Regression Reiki to solve problems

10:00m – Patterns & Types of People that Seek out Past Life Regression testing

11:00m – Working with people from 12 different faiths

13:00m – A Passion for Flying and becoming a Pilot growing up but not clear why?

14:30m – Discovering Doug’s past life as a Pilot – developing a fear of flying & starting to refuse to fly!

16:00m – Doing Past Life Regression Training & Triggering fears of flying!

17:00m – Realizing he was a Pilot in the first world war – he died!

18:30m – Critical Age as Triggers for Past Life Regression

19:00m – Having everything he wanted but without the happiness!

20:00m – The Impact of Matupitchu in Peru – The path change – This was the big triggers!

21:00m – Following his intuition for 2+ years and trusting himself! 

22:30m – Getting the Chakras Fixed & Getting the Smoking Monkey off his back!

23:30m – Finding Hypnosis and practicing it for personal growth

25:30m – Working with Subconscious Mind & slowing down the brain waves

28:00m – Hypnosis working for everyone, as long as you’re willing!

29:30m – Relationships between Hypnosis and Meditations

30:30m – Deep dive into the Past Life Therapy and Regressions – Is this Real?

  • Is it Ancestral Memory
  • The Subconscious mind making up a story
  • Collective Unconscious – Carl Jung
  • Reincarnation
  • The underlying commonality – there is a story sitting in the subconscious mind!

32:00m – Experience from Past Life Expression Sessions

  • Digging into Doug’s Past Life Experience deeper
  • Working with a client that had a past life on the Titanic
  • Early Man Past Life & Middle Ages

37:00m – What about Future Life ‘Progression’ & ‘Other’ Lives!

38:00m – What happens then the person identifies the past life?

39:00m – Finding out the souls unfinished business to get closure!

41:00m – Colour Therapy Practice using intuition

42:00m – Sound Healing – Crystals & Pyramids!

44:00m – The Chakras & Sound Frequencies

45:30m – A learned skillset or a natural force? Following the calling?

47:00m – Dealing with and helping clients with illnesses and diseases

48:00m – Health systems struggling and alternative treatments are on the rise!

49:30m – Working with Multiple Sclerosis therapy

51:00m – New Skills and Modalities on the horizon – Sound, Relationship Issues, Money Challenges 

53:00m – Working in person v remote and dealing with catharsis

54:30m – Work-life Balance, dealing with stress, and knowing where the limits are!

55:30m – Walking the Talk – Applying the tools and practices on yourself

58:00m – The Universe sends the right clients and working well with clients

59:00m – Book Recommendations:

Get in touch Doug:

Website – www.dougbuckingham.com

Facebook – Doug Buckingham

Check out Doug’s App– Hypnosis for Transformation on the Appstore for Apple & Android.

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