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Eben Alexander & Karen Newell – Near Death Experiences & Living in a Mindful Universe – EP077

August 23, 2018

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast.

This is another show that has many firsts.

It’s my first with two guests on the other side of the studio (virtual studio in this case via Skype).

It’s my first interview with a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author in Eben Alexander.

I believe it’s my first with someone who experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) so vivid and long in duration (he was in a coma for 7 days where he was technically brain dead) that he was able to write a book about it called Proof of Heaven.

In the show, Eben is joined by his life partner, Karen Newell, who is the co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, which creates brainwave audio recordings that help you enter and engage your own consciousness in order to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition.

They are the co-authors of their most recent book living in a mindful universe which we also discuss on the show.

There is a full summary of the topics covered and questions asked below if you would like to review over it before or after the show.

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Topics covered:

  • NDEs
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Consciousness
  • participatory anthropic principle – worm holes and black holes
  • Putting awareness on the heart!! – activating stored emotional traumas
  • The voice in the head – The annoying room-mate!
    • Allow the higher soul take over
  • Quantum Physics
  • Beliefs – Limiting Behaviours
  • Love, Compassions, Forgiveness,

Show Summary:

Mins 0-2mins – Rob Intro & Background to interview

Q1 – 2mins – Eben – talk about the story that lead to Proof of Heaven?

  • Neurosurgeon world view – Physicalism – this was how viewed
  • The journey unfolded to show him this was not the way!
  • November 2008 – into a Coma for 7 days
  • Blessing of it all – Neocortex was destructed – extremely deadly case of bacterial meningitis
  • What he witnessed was a far richer and more real and alive world – none of the scientific explanations work – this is why Proof of Heaven worked!
  • The Earthworms Eyes View – the world he lived in during this time!!!
  • Slowly spinning white light – imagery, meadows, lights, orbs, choirs,
  • The awareness was far beyond anything he could understand!!!
  • Impossible to describe this into words!!
  • Guardian Angel – identity of this came clear 4 months later
  • Message – you are deeply loved and cherished forever!!!
  • Space & Time collapsing
  • Deep Time then entered the core!!


Q2 – 9mins – Human Language couldn’t describe – was there feelings liked?

  • NDE – Grayson scale – scored in the upper 2% every reported
  • Atypical – Amnesic in his own life – no memories – starting with an empty slate!!
  • Now wanted to read the NDE – but only after writing down 20k of this experience
  • Still uncovering the lessons now
  • Eben had a blank slate as he couldn’t remember anything before the coma
  • Consciousness


Q3 – 12mins – Conditioned from when we’re born – within that world? Time & Space?

  • Felt like months or years!
  • We see as time in this material world – it’s not as the way it seems to work!
  • Quantum Physics
  • Participatory anthropic principle – worm holes and black holes
  • We need to expand our models of understanding
  • Deep Time – Past and Future existing in the NOW!
  • We can get to these in deep meditation – our brain is just a filter!!
  • Going within can be so crucial – this is why we can do!
  • Karen Newell – Co-Author – Sacred Acoustic – Deep Transcendental States!!


Q4 – 16mins – Meditation prior to the NDE?

  • Discuss this in Living in a Mindful Universe
  • Chapel Hill in College – Parachuting team!!
  • Initially wanted to play Rugby and do Jumping first!
  • Parachuting – Silver Mind control – form of meditation – helped with Freefall formations
  • He couldn’t see this role in other aspects of his life! He didn’t take it to school\
  • 1976 to 2011 – a gap – meditation started again and work with Karen!
  • Using Sacred tones to revisit these states!
  • Practice of going within


Q5 – 19mins – Coming out of the Coma – To write about this?

  • First few days – Amnesia was gigantic – coming back – 7 days later – had no recognise of anything – all his scientist knowledge was long gone!
  • Words & Language – days
  • 8 weeks – everything came back – more complete than before!!
  • Assumed the NDE was way too real to be real!
  • Memories are as shape and clear now as they were then!
  • NDE memories are not at all like a drug effect – these are richer than a real true-life experiment – these don’t change over time!!
  • Grayson – writing a study about his case – Dying to be me!
  • Examples of others that had NDE – Case report – simply points out damage to Neocortex – but yet came back from!!


Q6 – 24mins – putting the book together – was there fear in sharing this?

  • 4 months after – realising who his guardian angel was
  • He realised he couldn’t just bury this!
  • He knew this was a big risk, but he knew what he discovered he couldn’t bury this!
  • Starting to glimpse many scientists were also far along this pathway!
  • Admitting we should be looking into this more!


Q7 – 27mins – Meditation and A Gateway into this?

  • Meeting with Karen Newell
  • The Brain Doesn’t Create Consciousness – why would anyone think that it does?
  • Karen was on a different path – not looking at science as offering the truth!
  • Science wasn’t answering the purpose questions
  • Only know things for certain when you have the FIRST HAND Experience!
  • This was something Karen could do using remote viewing, and she could create these experiences in her own life!!
  • SOUND is a critical experience creator
  • Focusing on the NOW moment!
  • Creating Sounds – to help people get into the NOW moment – beyond the time and space of here now!
  • Using the Binomials beats, etc
  • This technology can help get out this!


Q8 – 32mins – Recommendations for those starting out – the best form?

  • Searching for the best methods?
  • We all have slightly different versions of what that is?
  • Frustrations are very common
  • The mind is our friend when we want to go to Harvard and get a PhD!
  • But it’s not a big helper when we want to find out deeper feeling state!
  • Deep state of meditation – much less about words – more about feelings!!
  • Get the MIND out of the WAY
  • Brainwave technology really helps!
  • Listening to the sound helped bring into the expanded state of awareness!
  • Tool – imagine the breath coming in and out of the heart!!
  • Releasing these traumas – emptying ourselves from these old traumas
  • The Voice in the Head – the annoying roommate is there!
  • The lower brainstem – millions of year ago – part of evolution
  • The sound frequencies are connecting into this part of the brain stem!
  • A bigger effect at a much deeper level
  • binaural beats
  • Reuniting with the god-force


Q9 – 39mins – Is there a preferred way when using the beats?

  • Recommended lying down
  • Really want to make the body profoundly relaxed
  • The mind / awareness is still alert
  • Some caveats – if you fall asleep very easily
  • Finding a relaxed position
  • It can be done as a walking meditation
  • Experiment and find what work best for them


Q10 – 43mins – Different Techniques – Benefits? Experience? How quickly?

  • Cumulative effects can’t be stressed enough
  • Can start to see improvement
  • As we start to change – we just know who we are!!
  • It can happen immediately
  • Calmer!!
  • The tones are having an impact
  • TM – the standard – 20mins x 2 times a day
  • 20mins is a measurable impact – do it at least 4 times a week
  • 20mins is enough to start
  • Develop the ability to stay in longer periods – start to interact with deeper states
  • Longer periods – allow to go deeper!
  • 1 hour 15mins as a minimum is a good starting point!
  • Example – Eben’s son with studying


Q11 – Silent Retreats – Using the Beats? For longer term!!

  • Intensive works – 5 times a day x 45mins recording – more expanded states
  • Weekend retreats!
  • Can be very life transforming – get exposed to another side of yourself and the essence of who you really are!
  • Teaching people to find out who they really are!


Q12 – Always on and always connected – looking for that!

  • Escaping what is true and what is not true!
  • We need to get a clearer view


Q13 – Consciousness – New Models

  • New models emerging
  • Living in a mindful universe
  • Get rid of the materialist or physicalist universe
  • Leading Fathers of Quantum Physics
  • The mind is a reducing value
  • Measurement Paradox in QP
  • Come to the conclusions we live in a mental universe
  • Free Will can have a tremendous influence on our life!
  • Placebo effect – 30% shows this defies materialist model!!
  • Medical world is stuck in Materialism!!
  • Filter Theory!!
  • We are sharing ONE Consciousness – Lots of examples here
  • Changing our Belief!!! False Limiting!!!


Q14 – Intuition & Consciousness – Related

  • The Mental Universe is us!
  • No soul is left behind
  • The more we can become more conscious of this, the more we can improve
  • The inner essence

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