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Emma Pyne & Michelle Thorn – The Art of Comedy, Dealing with Fear, & Throwing Punches – EP104

April 15, 2019

Emma Pyne & Michelle Thorn are comedians, artists, and co-producers of a live comedy show called Throwing Punches, which is held once per month in LA’s Universal City.

The show brings together a diverse line-up of comics and is remarkable in that
every show has both up-and-coming comics and seasoned comics (including
some of the most successful in the field).

I was delighted to chat with both ladies a few weeks back about the art of comedy, dealing with fears, curating the show, the process of creating ‘bits’ and so much more.

As with every episode of ‘1% Better’ there are lots of useful takeaways from this one.

A summary of the show is outlined below.

•About Michelle
oGetting into acting & then comedy
oSharing a story with stand-up
oWhen you were starting out?
•About Emma
oMoving to LA in 2009 after 2 years in London
oA focus on TV and Film
oDoing more and more stand-up recently
oStand-up comedy giving her a voice
•How they met and started Throwing Punches?
•Both knew they were serious about putting a show together
•Identifying a gap in the market for stand-up shows inspired them to make a show that they’d like to see
•The Process of curating the show – getting the big name headliner and opener and piece in the rest
•Planning ahead and when this process starts
•Learning to be flexible
•Growing a show and attracting top talent
•Previous experience running Stand-up events
•Key learnings from the show creation that can be brought into personal life
•Control loosing, sharing responsibilities, and letting go!!
•Feedback on the show v your own performance
•Wearing the Entrepreneurial Hat?
•Learning from a Business perspective
•The goals for creating the show
•Comedian Hierarchy in Hollywood
•Headline Comics — 10 years profession, 5 years on the way, less than 5 years are the babies
•Learning how to be persistence and keep pushing forward
•Time is key – no overnight successes and a safe place to fail!!
•12 years in LA to become an overnight success
•Creating a life as you work through the process
•Emma – Dealing with Stage Fight – The idea of not doing something is far worse from the fear of doing it!
•Nobody judges you as much as you judge yourself
•Dealing with Fear & Nerves
•Be worried if the fear ever leaves
•Reframing the thoughts – Excitement v Nerves – watch the language
•Getting to a place of excitement
•Creating a bit or a sketch – the process followed
•Learning how to create content and developing their own style
•Making it very personal & working out childhood through writing
•Using life lessons as a comedy gift
•Overthinking is part of the process working itself out!
•The Art of Journaling or just writing stuff down
•The 5 year barrier for comedians?
•Comics that explode on the scene
•Every single word counts when on stage – the amount of effort goes in to this is unseen
•Men v Women comedians
•Using the show as a tool to get on the radar
•How Michelle and Emma work together and make decisions.
•Being able to pick each other up when there are tough moments
•Dealing with the Fear! Pulling back from the edge…
•Motivation – The show as a driver – having the name and face on the internet!
•Less self-doubt as she’s got older
•How LA has changed in the last decade
•The importance of having a partner that gives you the freedom!
•Holding up both ends of the partnership
•Advice to live by!!
•Trust your gut & Be Yourself!

How to learn more:
THROWING PUNCHES: https://www.pikbee.me/throwingpunchescomedy
MICHELLE THORN: https://twitter.com/michelleathorn
EMMA PYNE: https://emmapyne.com

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