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Greg Herman – Fashion, Creativity & Finding the right path! – EP110

May 15, 2019

The Greg Herman Brand first began in 1995/96 and over the years, this has taken on many different versions and evolutions.

Greg was living in LA and then moved to Cambridge in the UK. It was here when fashion really started to connect with Greg. Around this time, Greg’s sister was struck down with Cancer and this had a huge impact on him. He realized that he wanted to carve out his own legacy and figure out what he wanted for himself. This made him take a step back and review the situation.

During the discussion, Greg shared very openly about his life, growing up, challenges, up’s, down’s and everything in between.

The summary is as follows:

  • Growing up in LA
  • Developing a love for Acting, Theatre and Modern Drama
  • Moving to Cambridge to get away from the LA scene
  • Returning to LA with fresh eyes that the UK enabled him
  • This inspired Greg to be more creative and follow his passion for fashion
  • Meeting with Leopold Page & the world of bags!
  • Noticing little things in life adding up and setting his new direction
  • People coming into his life and having a huge impact on his life
  • Becoming part of something after growing up not being part of anything!
  • Developing Self-acceptance & Self-awareness after therapy
  • Can’t be in faith and fear at the same time!
  • Leaving the door open, allowing god in first!
  • EGO = Edging God Out!
  • Talking with Random people and having conversations
  • God, Religion and having a higher power spiritual connection
  • Doing life is a difficult endeavour
  • Having God as a co-pilot and God will give him no more than he can handle
  • A point on the journey where trust in the process began
  • Success & Failure are both ambiguous terms
  • Just to make the decisions was success!
  • Definitions of words & how words are ‘Spells’
  • Learning from Therapy that helped him Grow!
  • The phrase of ‘being as sick as your secrets?
  • Shame holding people back? – how bad is this?
  • Social Media has given the people the outlet to be famous but it’s ego driven!
  • 2000 & 2001 featuring in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Not caring, it’s all about the art!
  • Being 1% Better to myself – this is key – striving for this 1% is key!
  • Opening up the 1% is key!
  • Knowing it’s possible to feel different in an instant!
  • Being of Service to Others as the greatest success in life
  • Creating a bag that can change an emotion in another human being from all around the world!
  • The Creative Process – Emotion driven!
  • How will another person feel about this bag?
  • Walking away from his company as he wasn’t happy designing what he was designing!
  • I need this or that to be happy?
  • What I need to be happy? Is just me!!
  • Moving from a designer to a curator!
  • Coming together with others to create something great!
  • Putting the Art into Hart!
  • Learning the Business Smarts in the early years of the career on the street!
  • Hard-work and Talent – Could anyone learn what you do?
  • Dealing with feedback on his work – being prepared for No!
  • In the past, it was about bags, now, it’s about the brands!
  • Social Media’s impact on fashion and branding!
  • The struggle between perfectionism and good enough!
  • Accepting and embracing all the imperfection that he has!
  • Cliché and Mantra’s that stand out
  • Not living in a world wanted to be liked too much!
  • Struggling the most when he’s wanting to be liked!
  • The common thread – too much of me between me and that thing – being free once this awareness comes!
  • Looking up and keeping an eye on the 360 view!
  • Book Recommendation:
    • Finding Joy – Charlotte Karl – https://amzn.to/2VKuZ9e

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