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Ian Farrar – Dealing with Burnout, Accidental Entrepreneurship, & 101 ways to Volunteer – EP105

April 18, 2019

Ian Farrar is a man of many talents. These include Sales, Marketing, Digital & Business Coach, Podcast Hosting training, and helping other improve. That’s why I felt he was a perfect fit and guest on ‘1% Better’.

We connected last year as we both presented topics on ‘International Podcast Day’ in September 2018 and we agreed to do an episode.

I didn’t mess around too much with this one as I dived straight into Ian’s Entrepreneurial Journey and it flowed from there.

As always, we cover a broad range of topics and share a number of practical tips, tools, insights that you could take something of value from.

Here’s a summary of the show:

  • How Ian started out on his Entrepreneurial Journey – Never something he deliberately wanted to!
  • The jumping off point – what brought it to a head?
  • Burning out after pushing too hard & stressed
  • Culture is a key component
  • Leadership and how to deal with tough leaders
  • Becoming a victim to Bonus, Targets and Sales
  • Incentivization and Gamification
  • Defining the Why & Simon Sinek
  • Being able to do things you want to do!
  • Enjoying the roles – which stand out as most enjoyment
  • Volunteering & 101 ways to volunteering – working on a book here
  • Becoming more of an experienced leader with Probono roles on Boards
  • Core Values & what makes up you?
  • Being able to look at yourself in the mirror?
  • Integrity & Humility
  • Early Challenges from the early stages of entrepreneurial journey
  • Cash Flow is King when going out on your own!
  • Coaching approaches and style — Listening is at the core
  • Mentoring v Coaching & the 90/10 rule!
  • Leadership is a lonely journey – getting everything out on the table is key for Coachee
  • Always having a mentor to keep himself accountable
  • The value of a mastermind group and sharing out ideas
  • Not letting fear hold him back at all – feeling he can take on any challenge and pushing through
  • Having battle scars during the career and needing them to be able to coach
  • Real Coaching v ‘pretend’ coaches
  • Imposter Syndrome and being aware of it!
  • Being cautious with the word ‘experts’ on social media
  • Trying not to react to social media
  • Being Human – You can’t help your feelings, but you can help how you react!
  • Goal Setting Approaches and wanting to inspire others
  • The Spark to beginning the podcast journey
  • Reading the BBC’s top 100 books leading to Audio books which lead to podcasting
  • Pushing through and learning by just doing and doing!
  • Stand out guests from Ian’s how show
    • Ted Rubin – Episode 100
  • Pushing the envelope further by starting to do live episodes & recording in-front of an audience
  • How now to deal with stress:
    • learning to say ‘no’ more!
    • Exercise and sport
  • Social Good & Giving Back
  • How to have a good day? What approaches?
  • What question do you not like being ask & why?
  • Advice been given?
  • What’s the most important lesson learned? What you do and what you say can be very different!
  • Book Recommendations
  • Dinner Guests??
  • The future of Sunderland FC!

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As mentioned in my intro, here’s the link to the gofundme for Maisie.


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