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John Eades (returns) – Leadership Focusing on Culture, Innovation & Talent Development – EP132

October 17, 2019

I’m very much delighted to welcome back John Eades to the show in a first for the podcast.

John is the CEO of LearnLoft a leadership development company that exists to turn professionals into leaders and create healthier places to work. He is also the author of the upcoming book “Building the Best” due out on November 15th and is the host of the ‘Follow My Lead’ Podcast. Which I’m looking forward to getting my hands on.

In this one, we focus in on some specific areas that every Leader is focusing more and more on (or at least should be). Namely Culture, Innovation, & Talent Development.

John has a great way of sharing real life examples from his experience with leaders and shares many of these in this episode.

Here is a summary of the topics we talk through that might be of interest:

  • John’s new book coming out and the process of putting this together
  • The definition of Self-Discipline ‘the willingness and the ability to sacrifice what you want now for what you want more later on’ – pay the price now to get it later!!!
  • The definition of Leadership – how this has changed or not?
  • Inspire – breathing life into someone else?
  • Empower – helping others make decisions – be courageous
  • Culture and how to build this?
  • What culture is and what it isn’t?
  • Definition – the shared values and beliefs that guide thinking & behaviours
  • Culture will evolve and is always changing
  • You can’t steal other teams culture!
  • There is no patent on Culture
  • Changing culture for 100-year-old organizations – how do these change?
  • Changing CEOs to help culture change – Leaders at the top give this direction?
  • How quickly can culture change?
  • Look for the clues — Culture moving in the right direction leaves clues!
  • Examples of clues to look for? Behaviours and Choices?
  • Looking beyond the results as these can be cheated – Behaviours and Habits!
  • Best leaders are really reliant on the core values – in an authentic way
  • Finding Joy in the Journey – can we enjoy the journey that we are on?
  • Work & Enjoyment and tied to Purpose?
  • Example of Mortgage Team Leader that works on closing documents – finding a purpose here by taking pictures of the people’s lives they are impacting
  • Examples of tools, exercises, rituals that help build culture?
    • Defining core values that are in short phrases instead of just words!
    • Hiring and firing based on the core values being adhered to?
    • Awarding players that are living out the core values not the best player!
    • Empowering the team to pick which player lived the values better?
  • Creating the culture where everyone is valued!
  • The need to belong is as important as food and shelter – community!
  • The difference between being alone & lonely
  • A leader has to do what is in the best interest of his club!
  • Innovation & how this is tied to culture – one key word here is ‘failure’
  • Innovative culture understand failure is part of innovation & how they talk about mistakes
  • Failure is not final, failure is feedback!
  • Courage, not fear, creates innovation
  • Example – Callaway Golf example – Chip Brewer CEO & the Bad 3 Wood – being a courageous leader to stick with the vision – he knew failure is not final
  • Talent & People – knowing people are capable of more?
  • War on Talent – how are leaders approaching this war!!
  • Talented people are attracted to real core values that are being followed!
  • Exercising core values are key!
  • Purpose, values, and opportunity as key differentiators
  • The power of relationships – 1-1 relationships goes a really long way!
  • Finding leaders that really care about their people – not worrying about getting to close to their people
  • It’s ok and you should get close to people – you care about then on a deeper level
  • When the offer comes in for x more $, it has a big impact when deciding to stay or go?
  • Don’t underestimate the power of relationships to retain talent
  • How Data is being used to identify the best talent v the emotional connection?
  • Not eliminating candidates if they don’t fit into the Job description criteria?
  • Sean McVeigh at 33 might never be hired if it was purely selected by data
  • Bet on the Jockey, not the Horse!!
  • You have to bet on people, that’s what is key – follow the heart & mind!
  • Closing Question – what’s stood out in the last 12 months on Leadership?
    • Every Leader can get better and improve – working on self-awareness – do the work!
  • Make the choice to invest in yourself – don’t wait on anyone else! Take ownership of your career and improve!
  • The Bill Gate example who reads 14 books in parallel
  • Ramp it up, how can you do more? How can you learn more!
  • Deciding what color to make the book? Red v Blue!
  • Being a leader is a great and important choice and we need more people make that choice as it has an impact on every part of your life

For more about John, you can go to:

The book can be pre-purchased here – https://learnloft.com/building-the-best-book/


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