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Jonny Holland on Preparation, Process & Identity – EP053

March 23, 2018

Hi all,

So, this really feels like the season is up and going now with the first guest interview upon us.

First off though, thanks so much for the great feedback for the intro episode. I really wanted to get a few updates out on all that’s being going on in pre-season. And for those that have listened in last year and have seen things develop and grow, I hope you got something from the plans for the next stage of the journey.

If you didn’t get to check out EP1, go back and have a listen! Linked here. And please do check out the Support page on the site where I have links to the Pro Bono coaching offering, Patreon (where you can support the show) and the Amazon affiliates link.

Ok, on to this weeks guest. It’s fitting that I’m releasing this rugby themed episode in the aftermath of the Irish rugby teams grand slam success (well done guys) as I am delighted to introduce Jonathan (Jonny) Holland.

Jonny is a retired Irish rugby player, who was making a serious impression with the Munster Rugby team in Ireland (that is a province in Ireland for those outside of the country ) before having to call time prematurely at the very young age of 25.  Since then, Jonny has turned his focus to nutrition and wellness and is starting to build up a successful career in this space.  As you’ll hear he’s applying the same focus, meticulous attention to detail and preparation to this new venture as he did in his playing career.

This was the first episode I’ve recorded for season two. Back in early January. It was a lot of fun hearing how Jonny story. It’s really only the first couple of chapters as he’s a lot of success ahead of him I’m very sure.

Please do hang on till the end of the episode so you can hear other updates.

The conversation is wide ranging. Just some of the topics covered include:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Earliest Memory – kicking a soccer ball
  • Having an interest in soccer and rugby from an early age
  • Rugby becoming his primary sport and focus but developing this in parallel to this career in university
  • Tony Mulcachy being one influencer and mentor for Johnny in his early stage.
  • Jostling positions between 10 and 12 and then landing on the number 10 position as he moved into College.
  • Gary Byrne and Ian Costello both helping Jonny in his early career
  • Practicing and finding a good technique that worked for him as he developed
  • The Mental Game behind kicking and examples of getting into flow.
  • Having the mantra of ‘not missing two in a row’ and this helped him massively
  • Working on positivity and battling the voice inside the head changing to ‘you always get the next one’
  • Considering his rise as a ‘slow burner’ rather than an overnight success as he broke into the Munster team – growing into the role
  • Sacrifices during university as he had laser focus on preparation for games
  • Having an obsession with the Process & Preparation
  • Having a desire for control and being focused on this
  • Superstition v the Process & Control
  • Full Debut for Munster and how it felt surreal
  • Starting games being easier than coming off the bench
  • Dealing with Pre-match nerves and seeing the difference between nerves v fear
  • Really enjoying a challenge in a game to get the anxiety out of the way
  • Describing his first injury that put him out for over a year which was his hamstring off the bone, which was described as one of the most injury you can get!
  • Dealing with the rehabilitation and having the strong and focused mindset worked to his advantage – citing this period as one where he grew as a person and professional
  • Taking positives from the period out – seeing it as a massive opportunity to become a man – working on his areas for development
  • Dealing with the realization that a full recovery from the injury wasn’t possible which lead to officially retiring in late 2016
  • Identity & how to reinvent your persona
  • Support and Advice from others over the last period – one with Donnacha Ryan jumping out as one
  • Realising that he had to find his own path and get over it his own way – using this mental strength and focus
  • Re-focusing on Nutrition which was something Jonny always had a big focus on as he was growing and developing – building himself up from being a smaller guy to a bigger guy
  • Developing his nutritional practice and being passionate about this area
  • Pancakes and Ice-cream before the game
  • The 1% Better Questionnaire Round: (43:20):
    • Time & Productivity Management Approaches
    • Batch Cooking & Multitasking while Cooking
    • Work-life Balance
    • Daily routines
    • Eating Meals at times during the day
    • Sleep Patterns and Connections to Food & Nutrition
    • Advice that he takes on board and gives to others
    • Core Values that Johnny adheres to
    • Success, Goals and Future Aspirations

You can connect in with Jonny on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook all on at @JonnyHolland10

Website: www.jonnyholland10.com

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