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Joseph McGuire – Understanding Face Reading & How it can make you Better! – EP95

January 24, 2019

Joseph McGuire is a Face Reading Expert with over 30 year’s experience. Last year he released his first book, called Face Facts, which has been gaining great feedback over the last few months. I can agree that it’s a really concise and useful guide to understanding more about the face and the huge amount of information that one can gleam from it.


Watch the Full Interview with Joseph here – https://youtu.be/xBynDSycn0U

Watch a Clip where Joseph profiles me  – https://youtu.be/cnGHKvo5avE

During this interview, Joseph talks about his own career, how he became an expert in this field, his fascination for the work, and so much more. I have summarised the conversation below and estimated times so you can review and check out the parts you’re keen on. I would recommend you listen to it all.

There is also a full video version on the site where you can see the face reading in action towards the end.

Conversation key points & timeline below with details on how to connect in with Joseph at the end:

Time – Topic – Learning

0m – Rob Intro

10m – Joseph Introductions

11m – Earliest Memory – Where did the deep fascination of studying the face came from!

12m – Studying Shiatsu & Facial Diagnosis leading towards building a career in this area

14m – Moving to Hamburg to teach facial diagnosis – bringing in non-diagnosis skills

15m – Face Reading with a 3000-year-old history and Eastern Origins

16m – Moving away from looking at the world as mechanical and more towards Eastern Philosophy (like Buddhism) – solid practical foundations – all about grounding

17m – Engaging Body and Mind Together – How to integrate this into practical daily life

17:30m – Tony Buzan & Mind Mapping as an influencer and a tool to use

18m – Using Mind Mapping to identify the name of Joseph’s organization – Clearsight Communication

19m – Using Mind Mapping to help with the writing of the book Face Facts

21m – Is this Facial Diagnosis based on Facts? It’s Empirical or just Intuitive?

22m – Dealing with Sceptics using random images of people from phones!

23m – A Standout Moment using the technique that was poignant with Josephs Father

25m – How to deal with situations when Joseph identifies health issues with random people

26m – You can’t help anyone that doesn’t want to be helped

27m – Standout teachers and influencers from his journey – Rex Lassalle & Lillian Bridges

29m – Magicians using Face Diagnosis work – the information that’s there is huge

30m – Intuition & how it aligns with Face Reading

32m – Using Meditation to resist bias and lazy thinking in face reading – System 1 Thinking

33:30m – Overcoming a Bias and Michael O’Leary – Looking for something interesting in the face!!

35m – Accepting others for who they are – authentic even if you don’t like it!

36m – Does Face Reading work for everyone?

37m – Reading Psychopath and Sociopaths and how diagnosis is not advised here

39m – The Eyes as the most impactful part of the face to read

40m – An interesting exercise – Cover One Side of the face & ask what message is coming and then cover the other eye – Right Side = Public & Left Side = Private side & eye

41m – Plastic Surgery and how this impacts Face Reading

42m – External Manifestation for an Internal Change

43m –  1% Better Tips for Listeners/Viewers

  • Focus on One Area of the Face – eg Noses, Eyes, but one at a time!
  • Ask yourself – What message are these eyes giving me?
  • Eyes – Big round open eyes = be honest with them
  • Eyes – Narrow – Clinically observing the world and if you’re of value to them
  • Online Dating Benefits – Looking for insights from profile pictures
  • Meditation Practices and Approaches used
  • Using white noise to balance out when in mediation
  • Sitting in Seiza

48m– When meeting a client for the first time – how to deal with the information coming in – asking ‘what’s the most important thing here now!’

49m – Joseph Reading Rob – Listen in or watch to see how he did here!

  • Perfectionist Tendencies
  • Analytical & Delve deeply into things
  • An Absolute need in me to explore things and bring curiosity to it
  • I can put myself into a stress state can lead to procrastination
  • There is a hunger for learning and getting it right
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Understanding is very important to me!
  • Charting my own course and being very independent
  • Eyebrows – Before I start something, I’ll delve into it deeply and this is very important to me!
  • I put myself under less pressure in my personal than professional life
  • The Ears – depicting the 14 years of the life
  • The Face – Rectangular & Oval face shape = associated with leadership and diplomacy

57m – A typical session lasts an hour

58m – Plans for other books in the coming years – keep an eye out!

59m – What would I be doing if it’s not this – A Dream Job? – Working as a Wilderness guide and Tracker


Here is a link to Joseph’s book ‘Face Facts’ – https://amzn.to/2T9Xis4

Amazing Face Reading – Mac Fulfer – https://amzn.to/2DxSF5Y

Connect in with Joseph on:

Website – www.clearsightcommunications.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/clearsightj

Email – [email protected]

Phone – +(0)87-2461853

Thanks again for you engagement. Look forward to sharing more with you in Season 3.

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