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Josh Quigley (returns) – Finding the Path & Dreaming Big – EP170

May 28, 2020


In this episode, I welcome back Josh Quigley to the show.

Our first chat was in Feb/March 2018. Now, two years on, I wanted to check back in with you to see what’s been going on since. As you will hear, it’s been an eventful 2 years.

We cover a lot. Here’s a summary:
• A quick recap on Josh’s background.
• Successful Young Employee,
• Suicide Attempt – 2015 – survived
• Video went viral…talking about it…5 years ago – Just on that – talking about mental health…a lot of progress sicne!
• A Turning Point for you…
• Life since early 2018?
o Cycling
o Travel
o Decisions to go, stay, write, and more..
o Goals of Health and Happiness of yourself and others
• Helping to inspire others…
• Detaching more from tech
• Spending a lot of 2018 up and down and trying to find his path
• On the 14th of April 2019, starting out on his 7th attempt to cycle around the world
• This time I never looked back and cycled 14,500 miles crossing the entire length of Europe, Asia and Australia
• Achievements
• Learnings for you…
• Setbacks
o Australia
o Bike stole in London
• Breakthroughs
• Each time – learning from them?
• Disaster in Josh’s words:
o With just 3,500 miles to go I was cycling across America when I was hit by a car.
o 21st December 2019 – an angel on your shoulder!
o 16k complete…
o Knocked. Off the bike
o Hit in Texas late in the evening
o The list of injuries…
o Luckiest guy in the world!!
o Banned from flying
o Another Turning Point?
o More determined than before..
o Resilience – what is it that drives you to go keep going
o Mindset now…
o Depression?
o Mentally – impact – resilience…get back up again

Now – May 2020:
• Recovery
• Training
• Goal setting – how has this changed
• Mindset
• Lessons learned
• Planning to complete the trip?
• Future plans
o Professional cycling
o How does your levels compare?
o What time would it take to get to this level?

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