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Martin Brennan on Coaching for Results, Self-Talk & the Lou Tice Effect! EP061

May 17, 2018

Martin Brennan is the Managing Director of Proactive Management, which specialises in Management Training, Team Training, Coaching, Train the Trainer, Course Design and Accreditation. He has delivered training at Board, Senior Management, Middle Management and Operator Levels. He’s also a qualified Occupational Psychologist.

I was introduced to Martin earlier this year (thanks Maria) as someone that would be a great guest on the podcast as so much of his work around coaching, values, self-improvement, setting and achieving goals align directly with what the theme of the show is. And I can 100% say he didn’t disappoint.

During the conversation, Martin bring us on a journey through his 30+ year career and shares insights, stories and very valuable lessons he’s taken onboard to help him grow and develop and is now sharing these for your benefit.

The one main aim I have for each episode of this show is to provide some value to you. I know I’ve taken some actionable nuggets from this show and I’m confident you will do. Also, lots of new book recommendations for list!

To give you a high-level summary, here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Myers Briggs – Martin is an ENTJ
  • The upside of introverts and the value they bring
  • What lights Martin up the most?
    • The work that gives him the most energy
    • A group with a passion to achieve something
  • Growing up, working with people was always key
  • The boy scouts was a great learning
  • Developing a hunger for Training
  • Following his passion after facing a redundancy
  • Starting out on his own as corporate life getting in on Martin – time to go!
  • Quickly found that most successful people are also nice people too!
  • Coming from a family 14 and always being afraid of running out of money (he jokes)!
  • Fear v Excitement – with Excitement being strong
  • As the Business grew, every year that past, his belief grew!
  • Called back 98% of the time by clients he worked with previously – that’s a positive sign
  • Knowing that there is no perfect moment to go out on your own in business.
  • Learning how to Sell your skills & services with 3 tips:
  1. Have a genuine sense of your value & trade with that in mind!
  2. Ask for the Business – get to a proposal & pricing discussion
  3. Bring some of your conditions to the table – don’t discount yourself
  • Not being afraid to ask for the Purchase Order!
  • The Neuroses of Self-Employment – when trying to sell!
  • Resilience and the loneliness of self-employment
  • The Voice inside the head and dealing with this!
  • Lou Tice of the Pacific Institute – self-talk, affirmations, values relative to other people. Use Self-Talk to be on your own side!
  • The Power of Affirmations – Learn to be on your own side!
  • Meditation and reflecting – happy v restless in your own space!
  • The Brain moves you towards what you think about – Affirmations!
  • Business Turning Points:
    • Negative – losing £14500 invested in a coaching company in the UK
    • Positive – bringing out resilience as a result of this
    • Working with the IMI – Henley Diploma in Cork – making contacts here
  • Working with Big Companies – pay on time & learning for free!
  • Coaching Leaders & Emerging patterns from them:
    • Successful people value coaching & feedback more
    • Getting introverts to start blow their trumpets!
  • Experience seeing all types of leaders over the year!
  • How his style has developed over the years
  • In the early days, thinking he had all the answers
  • Now:
    • Harnessing the energy from others – they have the wisdom
    • Not having all the answers but have the energy to get them
    • Listening Better – Engage and listen from others to get the next questions
    • Encourage people to make up their own clichés
  • The power of personal clichés rather than ones from famous people!
  • People should look closer to home for influences!
  • Coaching v Mentoring and how it’s developed over the years!
  • Influences & Mentors during the year!
  • Martin’s mother as a huge influence & gave great advice:
    • If you don’t want to lose something, don’t risk it
    • You can tell people that you love them, but it’s best you show it!
  • Martin’s Brother Johnny was a huge influencer also
  • Lou Tice again had a huge influence on Martin – “Parents being Wizards to Children!”
  • Techniques from Lou Tice:
    • Flip Back & Flip Forward – Visualizing – What sense of joy or high!!
  • Bob Savage as an influencer & friend
  • Intuition, Decision Making and Logic
  • Intuition and Transpersonal Coaching
  • The Dangers with Coaching where many people are just jumping on the bandwagon!
  • Coaching is a privilege – don’t mess with the tools you have!
  • Coaching Contracts, Models, Ethics, Awareness, Responsibility and Measurements
  • Setting up the Contract with Clients:
    • Becoming more Awareness
    • Convert this into ability to respond
    • Measurement Results – going in the right direction
    • Learning from successes and failures
    • Confidentiality- this is huge!
  • Risk Strategies
  • Values and how to identify core values – tools to use
  • Value Proposition & Vision – Look at strengths
  • Ask 3 people what they think of you!
  • Advice – ensure clients tell their wives or partners that they’re going through coaching as it can result in a change in the personality
  • How to Measure Coaching Value – Qualitative and Quantitative

Quick Q&A towards the end:

  • Typical Day & Week
  • How to hold yourself accountable
  • Having a Passion and Discipline in Business
  • Work Life Balance
  • Stress Management over the years – learning how to manage this
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given!
  • Success – Freedom & Helping People

Book Recommendations:

  • Lou Tice – Smart Talk for Achieving Your Potential
  • Eric Byrne – Games People Play (Transactional Analysis)
  • The 48 Laws of Power
  • Proof of Heaven – Eben Alexander

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