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Mike Michalowicz – Take Profit First – 1% Better in 864! EP137

November 19, 2019

This is an episode of the 864 from last year now being shared on the 1% Better channel.

Welcome to the 864. This one is with Mike Michalowicz. He’s a very well known Author, Podcast Host, Columnist for the Wall Street Journal and he’s even hosted a reality TV Show in the US. He’s a powerhouse guest to have on the show and I’m delighted share this with you.

Do check out the last 60 seconds after the chat with Mike for more info that might be of interest!

Links to Mike’s site & social media below:
He’s on Twitter @MikeMichalowicz

Thank you for checking out the 864 Podcast on RoboftheGreen.

Have a great day!


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