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Motty Varghese – How to Sleep Better – EP114

June 14, 2019

I’m really interested in learning more about sleep, so I did some searching and it turns out we have a world-renowned sleep expert here in Ireland. In Dublin in Fact. He’s name is Motty Varghese. He’s a senior Respiratory and Sleep Physiologist in St James’s Hospital, Dublin since 2003.

We learn about Motty and how he got into this area and then I think I asked him everything I could think of about sleep.

You will be way more than 1% Better informed on Sleep after this.

Summary of what we covered:

  • Where the passion and desire in the field of sleep
  • Graduation as a respiratory and sleep physiologist & technologies
  • Doing sleep studies for about 45millions people in India
  • Working in Middle east and then moved to St. James in Dublin
  • 15 Years working St. James.
  • Sleep Diagnostics and sleep problems
  • Sleep Apnoea and Insomnia as the two main issues
  • And then started to specialise in Behaviour sleep medicine
  • Always had an interest in sleep medicine but not much in the area initially when he was growing up
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Insomnia & Sleep Apnoea
  • Insomnia and CBT as a non-medication way of sleeping problems
  • CBT for Insomnia
  • The 3 P model:
    • Predisposed individuals
    • Precipitating factor
    • Perpetuating factors
  • Address the behaviours with Sleep
  • Insomnia as a vicious circle
  • Sleep and Genetics
  • Women have higher chances than Insomnia
  • The growth in the topics of sleep over the last decade
  • Learning Memory & physical health can be improved with good sleep
  • Circadian Rhythm & the Master Body Clock
  • Sleep is a CS process
  • Sleep and Melatonin
  • Humans are solar powered
  • Chronotypes – evening, intermediate and morning types
  • Morning type people are the happier type!
  • The importance of employers know what the chronotype of their employees!
  • Waking up before the alarm goes off – a sign of their sleep need is met
  • Early Morning Awakening Insomnia
  • Sleep Apps – the value of!
  • The best way to judge your quality of sleep is by how you feel!
  • Sleep Apps leading to more anxiety about sleep quality!
  • Don’t over rely on technology
  • How much light and deep sleep should I get?
  • How to get in to good sleep
    1. How long was I aware before I went to sleep – get a consistent wake time!
    2. The light exposed to before going to bed – 2 hours before you go to sleep – to optimize the melatonin
    3. The Master Body Clock – not much control over this
  • The best environment for a good sleep
    1. Dark as a Cave
    2. Quiet as a Cave
    3. Cooler temperature
  • Mattresses and how useful these are?
  • Napping – General Rules – 30mins to 45mins to avoid REMS
  • Best position for sleeping – sleep on the non-dominant side
  • Sleep and Pain Tolerance levels
  • Most common myths on sleep – no compensation for lost sleep!
  • Sleep when traveling & jet lag!
  • Exercise & Sleep – 3 hours between exercise and bed – core body temp is high
  • Eating Late – Not eat for 3 hours before going to bed!
  • Journaling – transfer thoughts from brain to paper!
    1. Rationalize worries on paper
    2. Make a to do list for the next day
    3. Reduce the intensity of the mind
  • Sleep and having a beginner’s mind!
  • Every night is a new night – this is a key mindset to have for everyone!
  • Be non-striving for sleep – you can’t force it
  • Be Patient with the process with CBTi
  • How does Motty manage his own sleep
    1. 7+ hours nightly
    2. Sleep as much of the time you spend in bed
    3. High sleep efficiency
  • Sleep v Rest — Bed is for sleep – not for rest
  • Get up and leave the bedroom for 30mins
    1. Reduces anxiety not falling asleep
    2. Strengthens bed sleep association
    3. Better opportunity when you do go back
  • Don’t over research on sleep
  • Optimize sleep hygiene habits

Get in touch with Motty on his work and consulting at www.sleeptherapy.ie


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