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Murray Newlands – Maximizing Personal Value, Develop Key Strengths, & Taking Action Sooner! EP115

June 19, 2019

Murray Newlands is a very interesting guy. The Huffington Post has listed him as one of the “Top 10 People to Know in the Silicon Valley” and the “British Marketing Guru”.

He’s a marketing powerhouse, an entrepreneur, investor, business adviser and Speaker. As we talked I quickly realized he had serious focus, and an ability to set and achieve goals. Without looking too far ahead.

He’s demonstrated over his career so far a real ability to deliver against his big goals, and learn along the way. Anyone that creates over 1000 blog posts in 2 years must have huge determination, a work ethic and self-belief.

Murray was a great fit for the podcast as he lives incremental improvement and has so many valuable stories and lessons taken from them to share in this conversation.

His latest focus has been with Turing, an elite placement company for engineers. As their Chief of Strategy & Partnerships officer, he is disrupting “the future of work” and the way companies hire remote workers and tap into global resources. The talent behind Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more have been vastly curated by Murray and the Turing team.

Full summary below. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Goal Setting & Incremental improvements
  • Having a child and how it made Murray reflect back on life and his habits
  • Persevering through school and became a solicitor
  • 6 Years leading to a solicitor – hard work and just went with it
  • Taking the approach of one day at a time!
  • 2019 – having a goal of getting fit – and losing 20 pounds in 4 months – taking each day at a time
  • Applying tiny incremental steps!
  • There is no overnight success
  • How did Murray get successful – taking tiny steps and moving along
  • Decide on what directions you want to go in and taking the first steps!
  • The unexpected benefits from following the process
  • The moments of success that stand out!
  • Focusing more on what you are good at, not just what you’re not good at!
  • Find out what you can do
  • Spotting what other people are doing to achieve things?
  • Look for others doing great things!
  • Tool – a sheet with 200 lines on it & working out 200 times!
  • Setting out goals and writing them out!
  • Get visual when setting goals
  • Telling others what you’re doing with goals
  • Building Habits
  • Taking a deliberate approach & figuring out the WHY!!!
  • Getting a Visa to work in the US was a Goal for Murray
  • Starting out writing 2 blog posts a day for 2 years!
  • How to get 2 blog posts a day for a period
  • Having to write a lot to get noticed – writing 500 to 1000 blog posts
  • Thinking about what you are trying to achieve and how you want to get there!
  • Tips to CEOs – with writing – is it your true value!
    • Do out audio dictation and then give it to a professional writer
    • Identify your 10 ideas and get it out there
  • What do I want to achieve and what is the best way to do it?
  • How to maximize your value in the process?
  • Find where the real value is?
  • Look for other established platforms? – adding value to other groups?
  • Resetting goals and pivoting in your career
  • Building and Selling Start-ups
  • The new emerging talent sourcing approaches
  • Stand out traits of strong leadership
  • Understanding of where you want to get to, what you need to achieve, and finding the right people to help you get there!
  • You can’t be successful on your own!
  • The cost of having someone negative on the team massively outweighs that
  • Firing people who are not a good fit fast enough!
  • Clear out anything that gets in the way
  • Too many leaders see success and think it’s their success!
  • Dealing with Intuition and following the gut!
  • Follow the gut and set some goals as boundaries
  • Relationship with Fear – excited about new projects
  • Driven by fear and pushing yourself along
  • If you stop pushing yourself, you will get bored!
  • Take on a lot of what you’re afraid of so you can achieve a lot
  • Best learnings from failures?
  • Trying too hard to overcome things I’m not good at and not focusing enough on things that I am good at!!
  • Not firing people fast enough leading to lots of difficult situations
  • The Future Plans?
    • Helping more people all around the world to be more successful
    • Teaching his daughter new things
    • Learning the fun of do new things!
  • Advice – Try to keep the current job and start the start-up on the side
    • Your first business on your own might not be successful, but if you don’t do it, you will not learn from it!
    • Making failures is ok! You will learn from it!
  • US v UK mindset on failure?
    • Try and give it a go!!
  • Books to Recommend

Connect in with Murray:

Website – www.MurrayNewlands.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MurrayNewlands

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/murraynewlands/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/futureofengagement/featured


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