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Nostalghia – Purpose, Authenticity, & Life in Slow Motion – EP088

December 05, 2018

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast. My guest this week is Nostalghia.

Nostalghia is an American Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and Poet.

In 2014, she released her first full length album, Chrysalis, and from there she’s started to take the music world by storm. Her music was featured in both John Wick movies and she appears on stage performing in the second installment of the movie.

Her following has been growing massively over the last few years and all this on an independent label.

When we caught up a few weeks back, I was very keen to learn more about her as a person, as well as an artist.

This was initially planned as an episode of ‘The 864 podcast’ (the other 15minute one I do) but we were only really getting started at that point so agreed to keep chatting. I’m very glad we did.

We get deep into what motivates Nostalghia, what it means to be fully authentic, core values of control and freedom, what her identity is, how life can go in slow motion, and a whole lot more. As you will hear, it’s one of those listens that hooks you in and keeps you engaged for the full show. I know it did for me!

We also touched on her new Album out this week called IMAGO. I have links to her site, music, where to purchase the album and more in the show notes. A full summary of what we talk about is below too.

Summary of the topics:

•0 minute – Introduction to Nostalghia
•7 minute – Defining Authenticity & what it means to Nostalghia?
not putting on an act on stage. It had to be authentic.
identification as an artist
figuring out who the person is beneath the artist
being True to Yourself!

•11:30 minute – What is Identity
o Breaking down the different parts of identity
•13:30 minute – How has changed now being more authentic
o Times pushing through & times stopping!
o The changes in the last year
o Moving back to her core!

•15:45mins – Freedom & Control as important values

•17:00mins – Values & Art saving her life & also destroying it!
o Connecting Purpose with the Music
o Never wanting stardom or fame!
o Finding ways to weave her deepest purpose into the music

•15mins – Only finding her voice in the early twenties
o Always knowing that art was coming for her!
o Teaching herself how to play piano

•18:45 mins – Finding Hope from what others might find despair
o Higher State of Consciousness – Yes, this is foreign but wait and see what comes!
o Realizing something was waiting for her!!

•20:30 mins – Having moments of Agony and Misery – gifts to keep going!

•22:30 mins – Connecting with Senses from an early age
o Making Friends with Trees and Plants!
o The Willow tree as her mother

•24:30 mins – Relationship with the Voice inside
o For a long time, this voice was very mean and very cruel
o Quelling it with Alcohol or other addiction
o Becoming clearer bodied
o Listening and Hearing the Voice – laughing at this!!
o Now listening is part of the experience – now it’s ok though

•26:30 mins – Decluttering the Mind Approaches
o Working with Plants 1-1 is a mindfulness practice
o Working with Plant spirit medicine
o The Doctrine of signatures
o The Rose as an example – A heart Protector and heart Healer
o Working with Plants through teas help slow her down!
o Using these with rituals have been able to slow Nostalghia anymore
o Something as simple as camomile tea can help!
o Plants and Homeostasis

•32:00 mins – Homeostasis – A state of balance
o The Music is always one step ahead
o Tracks on the New Album are one step ahead!

•33:30 mins – Feedback from Fans & Taking this on board
o Writing lyrics and being Authentic
o Not editing songs!!

•36:00 mins – Goal Setting, Targets & the Goddess Archetype
o Having Clear Goals
o Blocking out the world when focused on the goals!
o Overworking to the point exhaustion – recognizing this
o If Goals are beyond creation and enjoyment, then it’s not worth it!
o Chasing the Prize and making it just about self-worth!

•43:00 mins – Achieving the Goal & Not Enjoying the Moment!
o Chasing it again and again
o The addition of Goal Chasing!
o The Doing of Life is addictive

•45:30 mins – Not suffocating work into submission

•48:00 mins – Decision not to go for a label & how to be ‘successful’
o Creating a Pre-order & Pledge Campaign
o Having Fans engaged and involved to support the work

•50:30 mins – Positives not being with a label outweigh the Negatives
o Not having a pop singers voice & a Star is born
o Getting chased by major labels but not wanting to be in that mold
o It’s a blessing not going that way
o There are difficulties with both paths!

•52 mins – Being able to remain authentic & be the artist you wanted to be!

•53 mins – Info on the new album

•54 mins – Outro

• Goddess in Every woman
• God in Every Man

What’s coming in the near future:
• IMAGO – Record is out on 7th December
• Pre-order – PledgeMusic – Search for Nostalghisa

Her Website: http://www.nostalghiamusic.com/ where all links to her socials are available.

Thank you for listening!


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