1% Better S4,

Listeners’ Voices, Change Curves, & Emotional Smarts! – EP154

March 19, 2020

Welcome to the season 4 launch of 1% Better!

0 – 6 mins : Introduction

Hi there…and welcome to the start of the new season of 1% Better.

Now to say things are different to when season 3 ended or when I last shared an episode would be an understatement. A big one. In this launch show, I touch on what’s going on in the world as of the time of recording (18th March 2020) with COVID19, Coronavirus, and Social Distancing very much the words of the time.

I touch on everything going on in my head about what’s happening and also point to how we can start to adapt to this change in a more positive, proactive light! And how listening to podcasts can help.

I also talk about my hopes of talking with some experts on infectious diseases, research and work ongoing on tests and vaccines as well as talking with some that have recovered from the disease.

6 mins to 13 mins – Off-season Recording

During the off-season, I’ve been busy recording new shows, researching and creating content for more solo episodes and spending a lot of time putting together a new series within the show focusing on Emotional Intelligence. I also mention the 1% Better Community and how being part of this has helped me stick to my goals for the year so far!

13 mins to 40 mins – Listeners’ Voices

The final part of this intro episode which is different! How have you, the listener, become 1% Better?

During the off-season I’ve been asking listeners to contribute some audio to the show talking about what they’re doing to become 1% Better (or more)! Here are just 5 that you might find interesting, inspiring, useful, and actionable. Remember…in this very strange time, it’s good to take action, set goals, and not just sit around waiting for thoughts to turn into negative emotions!

The clips come from:

  1. Eoin O’Hanlon – Control the Small Things, let the big things take care of themselves
  2. Jess Cohen – Stand Up Comedy & the 1% Better Community!
  3. John O’Brien – Mindset & Running!
  4. Seán McGillicuddy – Daily Meditation Practices, Sharing gratitude, Keeping your Head Up & Writing Poetry!
  5. Darragh O’Riordan – Feeling better with cold water Swimming & the impact on work – COLD Water Swimming!

40 min to End

Finally, I close out this episode with a call to action. More of your stories please!! How are you improving from listening to this show or others? What actions are you taking?

If you have something you’d like to share, email me and we can arrange to get your recording in to me and out on another 1% Better from the listener episodes.

Email: [email protected]

Or Join the 1% Better Community


Thanks for being part of this. Stay safe!


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