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Paula ‘Paz’ Tooths – Practising Positivity, Social Media Influencing, & Human Rights Missions – EP073

August 03, 2018

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast with my guest Paula ‘Paz’ Tooths!

Paula has had quite a varied and fascinating career so far. From journalism, TV Production, Event Management, Human Rights Research, Life and Business Coaching, Authoring books developing Wellness and Social Media Influencing. She is also a Mother.She is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but her career so far has brought her far and wide.

I connected with Paula earlier this year as I was interested in learning more about her career as well as her experience in the area of social media. As she has a following on Twitter of almost half a million, I was keen to understand her strategy and approaches to that.

While that was the original interest, as Paula talks through her career, I began to realize there was a lot more to her than just having nearly half a million followers on twitter.

During our broad ranging conversation, I learned a lot about Paula’s positive approach to life, her passion for learning and always looking to help others.

I recorded this interview on International Day of happiness (20thMarch) which was a fitting day as Paula does look towards finding happiness.

Just some of the key points we discussed include:

  • Leading with a positive mindset
  • Life challenges with an Autistic Son and how she’s worked to keep positive
  • A career in TV & Communications skills
  • The importance of team work
  • Executive Producing Events including a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert
  • Dealing with the demands of performers
  • Project Management & Event Management
  • Taking on a new challenge in the area of Human Rights research in Kosovo
  • Seeing first hand that atrocities that war can bring and how strong people can be
  • Moving back to London and starting out in the area of Social Media and Marketing
  • Developing Social Media Strategies in Facebook and Twitter while still early days with both platforms
  • Training in Homeopathy
  • Becoming an author in 2013 and publishing a series of books
  • Having a busy mind and always looking for ways to be positive
  • As a life & business coach, finding ways to help others via social media
  • Fighting for her customers & followers rights though social media
  • What a typical day looks like?
  • Paz’s 2 main pleasures in life
    • Helping others be successful through coaching
    • Cooking for others
  • What does the future hold?
    • Concerns about Brexit and how it could impact her future
    • Having a plan B, C, D & E
  • Holding her Mother as her greatest influencer over her life!
  • Advice that stands out from her past!

1% Better Takeaways:

  • Learn to be happy – this is the biggest secret!
  • The Theory of the 5 in Social Media
    • Have 5 ideas online every day
      • 3 from others
      • 2 from you – 1 with business & 1 about you!
    • Always have a Plan B
    • Social Media advice from her experience so far
      • Consistency is key across all your platforms – same picture, bio and header!!!
      • Focus on Instagram is exploding – more video is great
      • Build out a strategy but be open to test out posts at different times
      • Use of tools like Hootsuite can be very useful if you’re building a full on strategy
      • Twitter is becoming a platform of complaints!
      • The use of Tor Project online for positive results
    • Be genuine with your followers and engage with them

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