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Ray Ortega – Creativity v Execution, Battling Perfectionism, & Professional Podcasting! EP147

January 09, 2020


Welcome to 1% Better.

For those of you that have an interest in podcast production, creating video and audio content of high quality, you might have checked out one of Ray Ortega’s super helpful videos on his YouTube channel over the years. That’s how I found Ray and have been following and learning from him ever since. He is also the host of the Podcaster Studio & Podcasters Roundtable shows that go deeper in the world and industry of podcasting.

I was very happy to have him on the podcast to talk about his work, the creative flair, strengths and areas not so strong and share some great practice tips on how to be better at a number of areas.

It’s not only about podcasting, however. The message coming loud and clear from this is you can achieve great things if you’re willing to put the time and focus into it!

We covered the following:

  • A passion for an Audio & Video Production
  • Can a podcast be video?
  • Setting up a Mix-Minus on a podcast!
  • Starting out podcasting and having a desire of how to create a podcast
  • Always share what you learn, as it helps with the learning!
  • What makes a good podcast? Make sure it’s a real interest for you!!
  • You will find an audience if you drill down into your area of deep interest
  • If it’s not your hobby, then it’s not worth starting a podcast about
  • If it comes from a true place of interest of passion
  • The most important ingredient is you’re interested in
  • Hearing about a ‘Podcast’ for the first time in 2005
  • Listening to a show on apple’s platform which was the first podcast listened too
  • The word ‘podcasting’ and where it came from?
  • Big breakthrough moments in the podcast industry!
  • Podcast growth – incremental v big moments
  • Making a living from podcasting
  • 1 million download per podcast v niche shows
  • Passions growing up – Video & Video Editing!!
  • Creativity and Self-Expression through podcasting
  • Balancing Creativity and Execution is a challenge
  • Being a Professional Podcast Producer for a Corporation
  • Work styles & being productive
  • Balancing family life and passion projects
  • The importance of taking time off
  • Always having content to edit will keep things moving
  • Consistency v High Quality Content
  • Being aware of a streak….you can’t break the streak!
  • Set yourself free!
  • The key to staying podcasting is to keep podcasting and give yourself a break once a while
  • Taking advice of not letting perfection overtake good enough
  • Being a recovering perfectionist
  • The host of a podcast is usually the worst person to be a producer of it
  • Find the compromise between too much time editing v polishing
  • Most important part of the production process
  • Getting the recording right at the source – saving so much time on the other side
  • Time is Money!
  • Be willing to invest some $ at the start if possible
  • Focus on baby steps when starting out!
  • How to focus on discoverability and marketing!
  • Tips for marketing!
    • Social Media is a fast-moving river – share the same content multiple times and give it a unique post or keyword every time
    • Resurface old content – just make it new context!!!
  • Overcast Podcast – do some paid ads here and it would get more contents!
  • What are biggest misuses of time and mistakes new podcaster make?
    • Check out Auphonic.com for some postproduction clean up
    • The Show Notes part of a podcast – make it work with SEO
  • When releasing a podcast, be sure to prioritize links back to your site – this is key!

Want to know more about Ray Ortega – www.rayortega.com

Find him on @podcasthelper on Twitter & Instagram



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