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Sarah Abbott (part 2) on Born v Bred Leaders, Millennials & What happens when you do nothing? – EP057

April 20, 2018

Welcome to the second and final part of the interview with Sarah Abbott. The reception from part one has been very positive. Lots of actionable tips shared and this one has even more. The show charted at #8 in the iTunes education chart at the weekend which was great to see it so high. It all leads to more of you and like-minded folks getting to learn about the podcast and hopefully enjoy it!

Last Monday I launched, One Minute Monday. A new idea I’ve had to share one piece of wisdom on a Monday that last a minute. Check that out here. Lots more going on but all of that is touched on in the show intro. If you want to avoid the intro, skip to minute 5ish.

But back to this week’s show. In part two we move on to new topics covering Leadership, the work of Robert Keegan around leadership development, Millennials and towards the end, we wrap up with some of the regular questions topics such as sleep, meditation, and more book recommendations. Here is a more detailed list of what’s in the show.


  • Is a Leader is Born or Bred?
  • Anyone can become a great leader with self-awareness
  • Hiring people that are smarter than yourself!
  • Leadership Developmentand analogy with Children – Robert Keegan referenced
  • Leadership Kryptonite– the balance between Arrogance & Ego
  • Self-awareness as the one key leadership trait!
  • Failing fast and being able to accept it!
  • The Lominger Competencies
  • The Power of People

Business Strategy and Planning in the VUCA world

  • Developing the Strategy
  • Sitting down and thinking about the future has got a little lost!
  • Building Resilience to deal with the unknown
  • How to own and influence the strategy instead of waiting
  • Putting on the CEO’s hat and taking control
  • Citing the example of EMC working with UCC on setting up a cloud computing Masters – taking control!
  • The case of thinking about the Future!
  • Stat in 2013 – 75% of Apples revenue – products that hadn’t been around 5 years go!
  • Asking the question of ‘doing nothing’ and what will the status be like in 5 years?
  • Reviewing Talent Strategy

Millennial’s & Leadership

  • What do they want from an Employer?
    • Hygiene factors
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Being in Control
    • Coaching
    • Autonomy on where and how they work
    • Interesting projects
  • Eagerness to explore and travel and try new roles more
  • Get ready for their move – focus on the intake and transfer skillsets
  • The benefits of the shorter cycle and higher turnover of employees
  • Mentoring and Reverse mentoring

Rapid fires questions that touch on the following:

  • Morning Routines – Key to be up before 7:30am
  • The 3 big things to do that Day
  • Meditation & Mindfulness – Time to Think & Reflect
  • Decision Making Process – the battle of perfection v good enough
  • The role of Intuition discussing the Myers Briggs Personality Test
  • Seeking Mentoring and sharing Ideas to help clarify thinking
  • Sleep & how it impacts the quality of the work
  • Best piece of advice ever been given
  • If you’re going to set standards, follow them first!
  • Integrity is key
  • Stand out Movie – Inception and how it has the layers of consciousness – ties it into Robert Keegan and the value sets!
  • Success & words used to describe it!
  • Carrying out a lesson learned review every week
  • Focusing on 3 Areas – Coaching (the Act), Readiness for the Future (Strategy), Leadership Development
  • Living the values of your company!

 Book Recommendations – all available to purchase on the Books page on the site!

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