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1% Better Podcast – Season Two Lift-Off – EP052

March 16, 2018

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast. This is Season Two. Episode One. It’s great to be back and have you here with me!

I’ve done my best to stick to a 25-minute Pomodoro inspired episode and I’ve tried to squeeze as much as I could into this timeframe. The aim is to give you an insight into what I’ve been working on in the background over the last 2+ months since wrapping up Season One.

As I release this episode, I have already over 12 shows recorded and in the queue for roll-out. I’m genuinely excited by the stories that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

I launched Season One 12 months ago (a week earlier than this). In the year since, I’ve learned so much about this whole podcasting game and an awful lot about myself too. I hope you’ve taken something from some/many of the episodes last year and am excited to provide more 1% Better insights and ideas that you can apply in 2018.

So, with that, and extending one (or two) finger(s) in the face of the imposter syndrome, let me give you an overview of what’s in today’s show: 

  • Moving platform from SoundCloud to Spreaker
    • Why make the move from SoundCloud
    • Link to the show on Spreaker – https://www.spreaker.com/user/robofthegreen
    • Be sure to follow on Spreaker too to get updates when new shows and/or live shows kick off
    • Plans for Live Shows on Spreaker in coming months
  • Website updates:
    • The Website has come along way (in my eyes at least in the year)
    • Check out the new Book Recommendations page
    • The Blog page is growing
    • Call for Guest Bloggers
      • Email me directly / fill out ‘Get in touch’ form if interested?
  • The Newsletter:
    • I set this up half-way through Season One and have 900+ subscribed so far
    • I will send out a newsletter around the release of every episode
    • Sign up here- http://eepurl.com/c1-GRD
  • Social Media
    • The podcast following has grown on all of the socials over the last year and it’s really helps get the message further afield. It’s also proven to be a great resource for new guests for the show. Some great ones already from Season Two came via twitter engagements.
    • If you haven’t connected on any of the socials, please do so by clicking the links on the right-hand side of the webpages. The more followers, the bigger the reach!
  • iTunes:
    • Whether you like it or not, iTunes is still the place where most people listen to podcasts.
    • So, the higher I get the show ranked on the charts there, the more people might see it and that could lead to more people clicking in.
    • If you are listening and liking the show, I would be delighted if you subscribed, rated (1-5 starts) and reviewed (leave a comment) on the show’s page in iTunes.
    • You can do that here: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/podcast/the-1-better-podcast/id1212137500?mt=2
  • Support – Help You
    • In the show, I talk about ways I want to further help listeners beyond the podcast. I hope the 1% Better podcasts continue to help listeners improve and get better.
    • An idea I’m going to test out in the coming months is to offer some pro bono coaching – check out the show for more details.
    • If you, or someone you know, fits the criteria here outlined in the show, have them click on the Support page and on the Pro Bono Coaching Button to Email me.
    • I hope to provide some life/performance/career coaching to a couple of people per month and see this as another way I could give something back.
  • Support – Help Me
    • To support the show’s growth and ongoing improvement, I’ve set up a couple of ways that listeners that love what they’re hearing and would like to donate/contribute to its growth, can do just that.
    • Every donation that comes in will go directly into further developing the content, and production of the show, enabling me to make it better!
    • The two ways you can help are:
      • Option One – Patreon Page:
        • Here you can subscribe and donate a few dollars, euro, or whatever per month to help things get better!
        • For those that do, you will get exclusive access to content that are only for Patreon subscribers. Added just this week, I have a solo show on how to identify core values and an accompanying blog post there
        • Each month, I’ll be adding more audio and written context to those that sign up
      • Option Two – Buy via my Amazon Button:
        • If you’re buying one of the recommended books (or anything else) on Amazon, click through the Amazon Button on the Support Page.
        • You don’t pay anything extra and the Giant that is Amazon will make a small donation to the show. Not sure how small. Will let you know though if I get anything!
  • Giveaways!
    • Another idea/experiment here. I’m aiming to run a few giveaways/competitions during Season Two. It would be exclusive to those that listen and sign up to the Newsletter.
    • If any business out there wants to offer some prizes or giveaways, please get in touch directly with me – email: [email protected] and mark the subject – Giveaway!
    • I’ve been recording since January and I’m very excited to share the new episodes
    • In the show, I share links to the first three interviews coming up over the next few weeks. These are with:
      • Johnny Holland the Ex-Munster fly-half. We had a great chat back in January. Talking about his career, dealing with retirement at the age of 25, life after rugby and go into details on Nutrition that you will definitely fine useful.
      • Emma O’Toole – runs her own yoga business – YogawithEmma.ie – she’s also a Type1 Diabetic for the last 30 or so years. As a Type1DB myself, I chatted to Emma about her journey managing this disease.
      • Josh Quigley – Josh rose to prominence a couple of years ago when he attempted to cycle around the globe to raise awareness for Mental Health – after a suicide attempt that changed his life. The full show is a great story. Here is just a small clip.
  • Others guests coming up include:
    • Olive Loughanne – on her career that lead to her World Championship Goal for the Walk
    • Ex-Aerlingus CEO Dermot Mannion
    • Ted Dinan – Professor in UCC focusing on the Gut & the Psychobiotic Revolution – all about how the health of our gut impacts our mood!
  • Experiments:
    • Other Show – I am also recording some shows for a new Podcast that is in the works
      • This one will be around 15mins long
      • More targeted on a set of tips/advice that can help you improve
      • Some weeks this might be just me others with guests
      • I’m looking at doing this live sometimes too
      • This will kick-off once we get Season Two up and running
  • Facebook live shows:
    • I have no clue how it could turn out but it’s worth trying it and seeing how it grows! To be able to see these, you would need to be following the Rob the Green Page and the 1% Better community on FB – so check these out! Links in the notes for this intro show!
  • Launch:
    • Today Friday – launch. I’m going to try for a Thursday/Friday Release over the coming months for the 1% Better show. When the second show kicks off – all going well – it will be a Monday/Tuesday! So lots of content!

So, there you have it. I hope this has tweaked your interest. I’m really excited to get going again.  I thank you very much for taking the time to listen. Please thank yourself for making time to listen to the show. It shows you are interested in learning, improving and have the drive to get better. Even just 1% at a time.

Have a Great Day & Good luck!


Just a quick note to say thanks for listening. There are a lot of podcasts to choose from and you picking this one means a lot to me. I know that sounds like a cheese-ball thing to say, but it’s true! I’m enjoying creating these shows, learning from them and I’m hoping that you are too.

To help me make the show even better, I wand & need your help. Your feedback is essential. So, please take a few minutes to get in touch (links below, or subscribe on iTunes and leave a rating or review).

If you liked this episode, share out the link via one of the socials. It will help me reach a bigger audience. If One Person gets something from the Episode that makes them 1% Better, I’ll be a happy man.

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