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Siobhan Murray – Dealing with Burnout & Building Resilience – EP158

April 16, 2020



Siobhan is an accredited psychotherapist, certified life-coach, experienced public speaker, trainer and best-selling author – The Burnout Solution

She helps people to overcome overwhelm, burnout and manage the demands of their personal and professional roles; learn how to embrace self-care and how to navigate living in a chaotic world; hone their authentic leadership styleso they can make a difference and thrive in their work. She supports all clients to find meaning and purpose, manage life transitions; navigate complex personal and professional change and build their resilience and resourcefulness so they can achieve their full potential.

In this episode, Siobhan focuses on dealing with stress, burnout, building resilience and lots more.

Here’s a list of the topics discussed:

  • How to manage yourself to avoid burnout before it happens
  • Recovery from burnout is hardcore
  • Burnout is not purely occupational
  • Burnout can be related to a personality type
  • Burnout from doing something you didn’t love is a myth
  • Personality types – the introvert and extravert and the ambivert
  • Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Kids
  • Using alcohol to feel ok in social settings in her twenties
  • Setting up the Ronald McDonald house in Dublin
  • Being a terrible employee and not suited to the corporate world
  • Feeling sheer exhaustion from being in an open plan office
  • Researching for her book, she really fully understood herself at this time
  • Honing in on the energy and how interactions can take her energy
  • Knowing how to recharge at home in isolation
  • Extroverts getting the energy from people
  • What Siobhan did when she gave up drinking?
    • Stopping for November
    • A tool she used that worked for her
    • Replacing the glass of wine with a diet 7-Up
  • Starting to study psychotherapy around the same time of giving up alcohol
  • Deciding to become a psychotherapist as it allowed Siobhan to be able to work and be a single parent
  • In therapy, talking about the back / past but deciding to study on coaching so they could now focus on the future and view of the world
  • Bring both past and future to her coaching session – holding the client in a safe space
  • Burnout can happen for any work, even if you love it!
  • If you’re not minding yourself, you will burnout
  • Stress is important – it’s when it becomes unmanageable it becomes dangerous
  • The difference between Stress, Burnout, and Overwhelm?
    • Stress keeps you safe – this is very close to excitement
    • Burnout where are cortisol – bodies get depleted of adrenalin and cortisol
    • With Stress, cortisol rises but then it reduces back down…burnout we are in continual stress
    • Where does dread fit into this?
  • The power of language can be very impactful
  • The 5 Whys technique
  • Pushing ourselves to use positive language to help over
  • Tools you can use to deal with these?
  • The 4 Pillars/Corners to help you maintain resilience:
    • Sleep (the most important of all)
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Clutter
  • Tuning into the signals and feelings of things that are not comfortable and understanding this
  • Getting to the point where you’re feeling in control and managed yourself
  • The draining impact of staying at a dinner late when you just wanted to go home!
  • NLP exercise – How we learn?
  • Creating a 12 week online course and learning a lot from this process
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  • Social Media – SiobhanMurray
  • For Siobhan’s Speaker Bio please email [email protected]


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