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The 864 with Rosanna Arquette on Values, Gratitude & Twitter Bots | EP009

August 09, 2018

Welcome to the show notes page. I have to admit this is a big one for the podcast. 

In this episode, I talk with Rosanna Arquette. If you want to find out about her relationship with Madonna or other standard movie questions from her acting career, this is probably not the interview for you!

The 864 aims to understand a little bit more about the person, what they value, how they have been successful, deal with life challenges and other obstacles that get in the way and we stayed close to these topics in this conversation with Rosanna.

What I did totally not stay true to was the 864 seconds duration piece. It’s more like the 1500 second podcast but it’s not every day I get to chat with Rosanna Arquette and the good stuff kept coming so I wasn’t going to break the flow!

Check out the high-level summary of the conversation below along with some book recommendations and links the 1% Better podcast, Newsletter and more.

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  • Values that Rosanna developed from a young age from her Mother & Family
  • Growing up in diverse community and schools
  • Her Mother having a struggle with wealth when Rosanna started to do well
  • Marching with Martin Luther King
  • The Flint Crisis
  • Staying Positive & How to Deal with this – working hard to be positive – this is very difficult
  • When you stay in gratitude, you can’t be in fear!!
  • Inspired by the energies of the youth and students!
  • Focus on the Good and We shall overcome!
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Cliché & Sayings to Live by – March for our Lives & No human being is illegal
  • The Porn Industry – the impact this is having on young boys
  • Trump, Putin, Sex Trafficking
  • Twitter Clean-up & Losing 300k followers Bots
  • Rosanna’s New Show – Sideswiped
  • Transition from Acting to Directing

Book Recommendations:

1% Better tips:

  • Write list for what you’re grateful for!
  • Practice Gratitude

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