Thanks for checking out the support page! Here’s how I hope it works. 

Support you – Through the podcast, articles and a few hours of pro-bono coaching per month, I’m hoping that I can help others improve and get better! If you meet the criteria for pro bono coaching (check out season two episode one for more details) or know someone that does and really WANTs to improve, click on the Coaching button below to get in touch.

Support the show – If you’re enjoying the show, articles and content, and would like to help it improve and grow, you can do that through the Patreon button below. For those that do donate, you will get exclusive access to content only on the Patreon site. More content will be added there regularly. I promise! 🙂

Buying a book on Amazon – Finally, if you want to buy one of the books recommended by a guest, or are buying something off Amazon today anyway, click through the Amazon Button Below. You pay what you normally would and the show will get a tiny donation (not sure how tiny) from Amazon. Every little bit will help it get better!

Pro-bono Coaching
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