How can I help? – Day 16

From time to time, I get asked on guest on another person’s podcast. Generally, to talk about coaching, project management, or even just about the podcasting learnings. It’s always fun to be on the other side of the mic and get questions thrown at me. If at all possible, I’m always happy to help out and share something *hopefully* valuable to their listeners. I always learn something new from talking out loud about these things too! It’s a win-win.


At the end of one of these recently, just after the recording ended, the host asked in a very genuine way ‘How can I help you?’. He wanted to see if he could be a help to me! It struck me for 3 reasons:


  • The power of a genuine offer to help, when least expected, is huge
  • Always have an idea or ask ready in case it comes you way!
  • At the end of my own recordings, it’s not a question I was asking regularly enough


Ever since, this question has been floating around in my mind. The interviewer is a marketing expert with almost 2 million followers on social media. By being a guest on his show is already help enough, however I didn’t quiet articulate that at the time.  Also, as I thought more, I realised while the podcast and content I share out is aimed at helping others in an indirect way, offering help more directly is something I could do more of.


In what might be a case of frequency illusion (post on this coming soon), the importance of being a giver more so than taker has popped up a few times since. A work colleague of mine is currently reading Adam Grant’s Give and Take book. He’s waxing lyrical about the message here. To offer help, to give more, and to take less. In the long run, this is a better approach. Adam has popped up on a bunch of podcasts recently too, so I feel the universe is conspiring to tell me something! At the very least, to read the book in early 2020, I guess.


Offering help and giving more than you take are strong messages. Especially around this time of the year they’re probably more in focus. However, they should not become just a seasonal event, instead, an ongoing deliberate practice, done in an authentic way. Research and experience shows the benefits are great.


When is the last time you offered, in a genuine way, without expecting anything in return, to help someone? Is this something you could look to practice more in 2020. And test out the promise that, by doing it more, your own success could grow.


I feel it’s worth the effort.


Till tomorrow,



PS – how can I help you? Get in touch if I can be of service.  

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