Welcome to Home of Rob of the Green 

If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to the podcasts. As both the 1% Better podcast & The 864  have the audacious goal of unlocking some potential within you. And, being fully honest, me too! 

My Why?

My why is to help others find their why. Through sharing the stories of my guests and, occasionally, my own, I hope that listeners hear something that they connect with, and are encouraged to then take action themselves to get that little bit better. Each episode has provided me with reflection points, learnings and practical tips that I can use to improve. I want to pass that forward. And have some fun doing it.  

Thanks for your support & thank yourself for taking the time out to listen, learn, improve and get 1% better.

Just click on any of the podcast platforms listed above or below to hear the 1% Better show or The 864! 

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There is a feedback page & the support page where you can support the work and also ask for some coaching too.


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