During Season One, it quickly became clear that I had a lot of new reading to do!! Nearly every guest shared a book recommendation (in some cases, they shared many), so I wanted to create a space where I can house these. A virtual book shelf if you will!

As I’ve upped my own reading game, I’m keen to share some of the better ones here too. I’m working my way back through the recommendations and will be adding to this as the weeks pass by. Let me know if you have any that you’d like to add and provide a small summary. I plan to include that too. Hope you find this page useful. 

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Just click on the book image and it will bring you to it’s page on Amazon

Recommended by: Rob (Off-Season Episode)

Recommended by: Rob

Recommended by: Samantha Kelly (S01 EP47)

Recommended by: Shane Cradock (S01 Ep46)

Recommended by: Andrew Montague (S01 EP44) + Me (a few times)

Recommended by: Anrew Montague (S01 EP44)

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