Episode 153

Cynthia Johnson – Entrepreneurship & Personal Branding – 1% Better in 864 – EP153

Hi folks,This is one from the 864 show I did back in 2018 that you probably haven't heard so releasing it now on 1% Better. Hope you enjoy. Details of the conversation below:Cynthia Johnson is an American entrepreneur, marketing professional, SEO specialist, columnist and public speaker. She is a co-founder of Ipseity Media and previously served as the director of brand development of American Addiction Centers (AAC). She is currently member of the Forbes Agency Council and advisory board for the Millennium Alliance. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Cynthia was one of the 10 Personal Branding Experts to Follow, in 2017Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, and several other industry specific publications.Below is a summary of the questions and topics we cover in this 15 minute podcast.Q1 30secs – What stands out the most?•Entrepreneurship portion – learning so much from thisQ2 1mins – Born with or learned?•It’s an energy that you develop and be exposed toQ3 2mins – First venture?•Suspended for selling cooladeQ4 3mins – Starting young? Less fear?•Yes and no – you get in trouble for this – maybe there is something wrong!•For Cynthia, it was more interesting and learned moreQ5 4mins – A big mistake?•Get the ego out of the way!•Have the moments when things are not going your way – you get the ego out!•Arriving to a presentation not prepared for CFOsQ6 6mins – Teaching to be better prepared?•Know who you’re audience are?Q7 7mins – Public speaking?•Not fear – perform much better in front of 2000 people than 2!•When others do what you do and have the same view•Knowing the material is key – you can learn faster when you are presenting something newQ8 9mins – Prioritize work?•Focus on the short term goals?•Long term goals – break them down in much smaller chunks•Making sure you’re doing things for other people – look at these points of value add•Balance time with being useful to self and othersQ9 11mins – Chasing people – what was the turning point?•Speaking at a conference – that she attended before•Someone mentioned•A girl can stand up there and look pretty – but we need good content•Slide deck that stood out and became the most downloadedQ10 13mins – A favourite phrase?•Sit back and be objective – the only way you’ll get to the next level is find out what other people think of you•Poe’s LAWQ11 14mins – Advice?•Don’t quit, ask for the time off!Get in touch with Cynthia via:Twitter - @CynthiaLive or @bellviyincwww.CynthiaLive.comwww.BellIvy.com

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