Rob O'Donohue
December 25, 2019

Listen to my own advice!

Folks, One of the personal goals I set for myself when starting out the daily blog in December was to practice writing less yet saying more! Today is probably the best version of it so far! If you’re like me, you can give out advice and some guidance, however sometimes you’re the least likely to take on board what you’re saying to others.  So with some self-coaching, I’m going to listen to myself for the next few days and make time for rest and switching off. Switching Off is absolutely an essential part of self-improvement, leadership, and life. And in many ways, it’s a habit and practice that you need to work on as much as any other skill you are keen to develop. Start today! Thank you for reading the blog posts daily over the month so far. I do plan to get a few more out before the start of 2020. For now, though, it’s time to rest! What's the one piece of advice you give that you should take yourself?  Happy Christmas to you & yours! Till tomorrow (or later in the week), Rob

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