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Charlotte Labee – Finding Brain Balance – EP156!

April 01, 2020


Charlotte Labee is an expert on Brain Balance and she’s been helping others get their brain in balance for the last few years. I was delighted to have her on the podcast to talk about exactly what the means and how you can take steps towards it.

Charlotte’s story is a very interesting one. From modelling, to entrepreneurship, to TV presenting and now building out a successful career in wellness. Like all of us, she experienced peaks and troughs. Success and setbacks. She has developed her own approach and model that helps and encourages people to experience immediate results. She gives lectures and training sessions in an accessible and enthusiastic way, using theory to support her practical experience.
During the interview, Charlotte talks about her life lessons, learnings, and turning points that have lead her to where is is now. A summary of the discussion is below:

•Building a large following on social media with her current Brain Balance work
•Tapping into wellness and brain balance
•Charlotte’s early life – becoming a model by chances made by life
•At age of 17, left for Milan to start modelling?
oExperiences at that time?
oMindset at the time?
•Taking opportunities that society pushed to her instead of what she really wanted herself
•Not paying attention to the signals that she was feeling inside
•Feeling really lonely and not having space for happiness
•Making the move from modelling to designing her own fashion label
•The business exploded quickly, and this took a bit her ‘self’ in this period….
•Realising that 90-hour weeks were taking their toll and impacting on her health
•The conscious brain was giving signs for months – her life was in disbalance
•The first big sign was when Charlotte was diagnosed with Cancer, not once but twice in her early thirties.
•This was following by her house burning down and then the business going bankrupt
•This led to a turning point and started her on the path to finding a balance after being out of balance
•Ignoring illness, emotions, and disbalance….kept going but this was wearing on her
•Developing bad habits that were very difficult to change
•Recognising the disbalance and then starting to look at new ways to deal with this
•Another scare when Charlotte lost power in her arm which was the last signal – this was the bottom and it was time to start building back up
•Taking steps from there to get back into balance
•The Vagus nerve and stress – the positive and negative side of it
•How does stress work for the brain and what is the function of it?
•Finding a huge interest in the functions of the brain – this lead to a happier place
•This ignited the learning and step by step it make her feel more like herself again
•Making small changes in her life – starting with food and noticing the improvements
•Then move onto the next step – sleep, social environment, and seeing what positives come from this
•Developing self-awareness of what’s going on in your brain
•Changing the neural pathways in the brain and the leads to the improvements in other areas
•Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tools
•Neural Cause Effect (NCE)
•Developing the Golden Growth Method Blueprint
oStep 1 is knowing how your brain works – this is key before moving forward
o85% of the brain is programmed in the first 8 years of our life
oUnderstanding what the rules of the brain are will allow you to change it
•6 step process in 60 days leads to big changes in your brain balance
•To change a habit, practice one thing 3-4 times a day every day for 4 weeks!
•Influence your brain in the right way!
•The Win Hoff method and learning from the Ice Man – the real proof that you can change!
•Learned something new in the last 6 months?
•Working on her own relationships and constantly changing
•Always be willing to invest and change the relationship

Now & the Future:
•What is a typical day like for you now?
•Is there anything you’ve changed your mind about in the lasts 6 months?
•How do you deal with fear?
•What is one action someone can take to improve / get better?
•What’s next for Charlotte

Contact Charlotte Labee
Charlotte Labee is by now one of the most popular speakers when it comes to the brain, health and a balanced lifestyle. In inspirational fashion, she uses clear and accurate theory to substantiate her own practical experiences while enthusing others to get the most out of life.

You can find her on:
•Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/charlottelabee/
•Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/charlottelabee/
•LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlotte-labee-4364a216/

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