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Creativity, Standout Guests, & 5am starts – Larry interviewing Rob – EP97

February 24, 2019

Hi all,

In this off-season bonus episode, I’m on the other side of the mic. I was delighted to be asked and really enjoyed sharing

With the podcasting adventure, I get to chat with so many very interesting people. On a rare occasion, the tables get turned and I’m on the other side of the mic (if that makes sense).

This happened last week when Larry G. Maguirewas kind enough to invite me on to his live showto talk about creativity, along with a lot of other topics that came up (sleep, 5am starts, sub-personalities to mention just 3).

It’s the longest and most in-depth interview I’ve done since starting out with the RoboftheGreen Project and it was great to reflect on it. If you’re interested in hearing/watching it, you can check it out on Larry’s YouTube site or his Patreon page. Larry is doing a lot of great work so go check out his content after too.

You can follow Larry on the links below too.

Thanks & hope you enjoy!

Larry on Patreon –  https://www.patreon.com/larrygmaguire

Larry’s website & newsletter – https://larrygmaguire.com/subscribe/

Enjoy the show,


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