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EP35 – Jenni Rivett on Training Lady Diana, Exercise & Nutrition Advice & Keys to Long Term Weight Loss!

September 18, 2017

In this Episode, I talk with world renowned fitness and nutrition consultant Jenni Rivettt. In her career so far, she was Lady Diana’s personal trainer for 7 years, she’s been an author, fitness journalist, and creator of many DVD’s on fitness. Jenni was once voted Britain’s top fitness trainer by the ‘Best of British’ publications.

During our conversation, we talk about Jenni growing up in South Africa where she attributes her passion for health and fitness to her Mother. Shortly after moving to the UK, Jenni had a stand out moment when she realised that office work wasn’t for her. She then decided to pursue a full time career in Exercise & Fitness.

In the early 90s, Jenni was invited to be a fitness presenter all around the UK, which was another a big moment. She was studio coordinator in Bodies in Chelsea and started to work with high profile clients like Liz Hurley, Imran Kahn, and Fergie.

We talk about how the opportunity to work with Lady Diana came and some of the experiences she had during this time, which Jenni describes as a great honour and privilege.

As Jenni’s exposure grew, she started to work more in TV and, with Lorraine Kelly, crated 2 fitness DVDs then in 1999 and 2000 and released a book Jennergy: Fit, Firm and Feminie

Towards the end of the episode, we get in to a series of questions and answers around many topics including:
• Zoning in on areas that women tend to have more problems or worry with.
• The role of Nutrition
• Which is more important, Diet or Exercise?
• Key to long term weight lost
• How to have a cheat day every now and then
• Taking the initial steps getting fit again
• Programs for Women after having a baby
• The Power and Benefits of walking
• The 3 key components to exercise and get in the best shape possible
• 3 Workouts per week to get in great shape
• HIIT Training & Cortisol Levels – not starting out with HIIT
• Eating before or after a workout?
• Vitamins & Supplements recommendations
• Meditation and calming the busy mind
• Sleep patterns and impacts on hormones in our body and appetite
• A New program that Jenni is working on called ‘Train like a woman’
• Focusing on the market of women and 35 or over.

It was great to get to chat with Jenni about her career and story. She’s very passionate and motivated. She says she’s in the best shape of her life. She certainly is doing something right.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jenni you can do so via:
Instagram – @Jennirivett
Facebook – JenniRivett
Website – www.jennirivett.com

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