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EP38 – Dr. Norah Patten on Space Travel – 5 Minute Teaser

October 06, 2017

In this Friday’s 5 minute teaser, I share a few small clips of my conversation with Dr. Norah Patten discussing her passion for space and drive to become Ireland’s first person in Space.

Have a listen to this short teaser, where we discuss:
* Finding a Passion for Space Travel from the age of 11
* Plans to use Planet Zebunar as a way to communicate space, science and engineering to kids
* Dealing with Fear

I hope that gave you a nice sample of what is coming on Monday in the full show. Full show notes will accompany the episode release.

If you’d like to connect with Norah, she can be contacted on any of the below:


Twitter @SpaceNorah


Norah’s Project launching in November – PlanetZebunar.com


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