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Neven Maguire on Working Hard, Food Experiences, and Leading by Example! – EP048

December 18, 2017

In this very special episode of the show, I was delighted to sit down and chat with Neven Maguire.

Neven Maguire is one of Ireland’s best loved chefs. The restaurateur and media personality is well known for his award-winning MacNean House & Restaurant in Blacklion, Co. Cavan. He is also an author and has a new Book out at the moment – Neven Maguire’s Perfect Irish Christmas – which he was kind enough to give me a signed copy of!

I was struck by Neven’s passion and energy during our 40+ minute conversation where we cover a lot about his career, life lessons, experiences, and so much more. Just to give you a taste, some of the topics we covered are:

• Earliest Memories growing up around Christmas with Family and Food.
• Always wanting to work with food and cooking from the age of 12.
• Being the first in his school studying Home Economics.
• A view on why Home Economics should be a subject for everyone in School.
• Pride of employing 65 people in his business in Blacklion.
• The value of hard-work at the core of everything Neven does.
• Giving his customers an amazing experience when they visit his restaurant
• Learnings from a number of restaurants from Belfast, to Berlin, and Luxembourg, taking on new skills along the way and making a lot of friends.
• The importance of influences along his journey.
• The Vision for MacNean house when he took it over in 2003.
• Management and Leadership style in the Kitchen.
• Treating his employees like a family and creating an environment for the team to prosper, grow and learn.
• His role evolving over the last few years.
• Becoming an Ambassador for St. James’s Target Lung Cancer & working with Dunnes Stores as the Ambassador for Simply Better.
• Enjoying the media work and feeling privileged being on TV.
• Creating cook books and recipes that people can make at home.
• Sampling food in his own restaurant and being very proud of the experience.
• Cooking simple dishes at home with the family and replicating these on the tv shows.
• If not working in the food business, what?
• Passion for Football, Manchester United and People.
• Having a real passion for helping people and realizing how lucky he is with life.
• Training, Exercise and the importance of keeping active for the mind and body.
• Sleep pattern and running on 5-6 hours per night.
• Setting goals to get healthier and be on the road less in 2018.
• Best piece of advice given and shared.
• Views on Success.
• Celebrities who Neven would share dinner with.
• Death Row Meal.

I really hope you enjoy this episode. To learn more about Neven and MacNean House, check out the links below:

Website: http://www.nevenmaguire.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nevenmaguire

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nevenmaguire/

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