1% Better S1,

Episode 6 – John Dennehy (CEO of Zartis.com) on Entrepreneurship, Productivity & Work-life Balance!

March 19, 2017


During this episode, I chat with John about his very successful and interesting career so far. We talk about his early days growing up in Cork, moving to Dublin for University, time in South Africa and Scotland all providing him with great life experiences. John talks about setting up Zartis.com in 1997 and how it was acquired very quickly in a multi-million dollar deal. He gives his perspective of how he dealt with the challenges that followed with the .com bubble bursting, how he refocused and moved forward with other successful ventures in the years that followed. In the last 10minutes, we go into a series of questions around productivity, work-life balance, decision making and meditation.

I hope you enjoy the episode and feel free to give me feedback. Thanks again to John for his time and insights during the conversation.

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  1. John says:

    Great interview Rob! how about taking up surfing for the month of April for the next challenge 😉

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