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Friday Five – Shane Cradock – Teaser – EP046

December 01, 2017

Happy Friday All,

This week, I recorded an episode with Shane Cradock. Shane is a man of many talents. He is a Business, Life & Sports Performance Coach, a Business Consultant, a Public Speaker, a Playwright, an Author and a self-professed Messer.

During the full conversation, that I’ll release on Monday, we go deep into a number of practices that Shane advocates to help people become more fulfilled in their life and work. All very applicable to the theme of helping you be 1% Better or more!

In this short snippet, Shane talks about a period of discovery, creativity, finding his purpose and the left v right brain battle!

I really hope you enjoy this short snippet. Please come back for the full show on Monday which is one that is not to be missed with so many great tips and nuggets that Shane shares from his life and work experiences.


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