Heather Monroe – How To Heal Relational Trauma – EP193

Heather Monroe – How To Heal Relational Trauma – EP193

Heather Monroe, LCSW, is an integrative psychotherapist and founder of Monroe Wellness where she specializes in the healing of relational trauma.

In addition to a private practice, Monroe Wellness develops online courses and in person workshops centered around neuroscience backed practices that change our minds, our bodies and our consciousness.

Before opening up her private practice, she was the co-founder and clinical director of an intensive outpatient program in Denver, CO.

She also served as the director of family services at Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in New York City, and most recently was the director of program development at Newport Healthcare.

Heather just partnered with Recovery 2.0 to do weekly webinars touching on addiction treatment and recovery for members, and has recently launched her own live webinar series to help those in need of mental health treatment, tips, and other.

For more about Heather, check out:

🌎 https://www.monroewellness.com 



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